Amidst all the luxury of the RMS Titanic, amidst all the tragedy and human errors, I'm reminded of the fact that life is brief—surprise! I've seen murals, I've seen photographs of some of the victims, all the way from very young people on up. I've seen a young boy in a suit and tie who looks to be about seven years old, sharp and clean.

And there are older gentlemen, all the way up into what looks to be their 70s or 80s, and every range of dress and elegance in between. There's first class, there's second class…

It reminds me of the fact that all of us have an allotted time. And it doesn't matter whether that happens to be seven years or 77 years, it's still as brief as a match-strike in the big picture.

One day you, too, will be history. All of us will be. We can't pick the exact moment, and we can't expect the same thing from someone who's seven years old as from someone who's 27, 37, 47, 57. My advice is to make your contributions today.

And yes, to board the adventure of the Titanic today, to live life to the max today, because you don't know if tomorrow will come. Nobody can know.

We do know it will end, and we do know that you don't have to live like an animal, just surviving. You can make a contribution in business, through your profession, and the world will be better off because you were here.

And if you want a chance, since tomorrow's uncertain—even in the midst of grasping the adventures, you don't know how it'll turn out—do, please, live. Live this moment. They call it the present, because it is a present. They call it eternity because it's now. Now lasts forever, until it's gone.

And if there is a now that comes next, it certainly won't be on Earth. At this moment, it certainly won't be in the same body. Now, I'm not getting into theories of reincarnation; what I'm getting at is that the life of the individual on Earth is short, and you don't know how short. Make your contributions now.

Live. Take your adventures now. Don't be afraid—be encouraged by the shortness of life.

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