Emmet Fox, a 1940’s new thought minister, stressed the importance of setting a mental equivalent to create an abundant life, borrowing the term from chemistry and physics. If engineers can work out the equivalent of heat in order to determine how much energy it represents in the form of another energy, so can we. What does this say about the way we are perfectly capable of instituting positive change in our lives and world?

You can create the equivalent of every experience or object in the physical world by changing the thought to which it corresponds. Whatever you want in life – a satisfying job, healthy body, friends, or opportunities, you must first set a mental equivalent to attract it. If you have something you want to be rid of – ill health or strife, then begin by striking the belief that those ideas and experiences must be part of your world and the world at large.

Just like cleaning closets after a holiday, limiting belief systems must change in order to create new realities. Instead of old baggage, we can choose positive, empowering thoughts to provide a foundation for our experiences and what we demonstrate, not just in the business world, but in our personal lives as well. Have you examined your finances and things don’t look too good? It’s an invitation to abandon old assumptions about lack.

Put together a prosperity mindset

To open room for an abundant life, create a new mental equivalent. Ask yourself:

• What would you like to see happen? Whether it is a bigger bank account or more love, feel what you want with tremendous passion and clarity. Be grateful, and rejoice in the abundance of everything. You can notice joy and prosperity everywhere and view the world with awe.

• Where do your past prosperity and abundance attitudes come from? Creating an abundant life is about mastering the process of thinking. Your abundance is not determined by outside conditions but is a manifestation of your beliefs about what is possible. Take an inventory of faulty thinking and release old, outdated ideas about lack, what you deserve, or even old family and cultural attitudes about money.

• Be thankful for what you have and what you are about to receive. An attitude of gratitude is necessary to change your energy around. You are making the universe a big, shopping list for all you desire – be happy and grateful for it! By having a mindset of joyful thanks, you are resonating with all things that bring you joy – and you will attract more. Like attracts like!

Stay on track with higher level thinking

• Believe you already have everything. After you have asked, it will be given. When you begin to live life with a sense of positive expectation, you will attract what you desire. It’s the premise behind the Law of Attraction!

• Know that you are unlimited. There is nothing holding you behind. You are part of the All, which is an unlimited idea. Therefore, your life is without limits. God is universal, and there is one infinite mind in this galaxy and beyond. Start thinking big!

• Be responsible for your outcome. Practice visioning your good, and take the action needed to show the universe you are serious about it. Remember, manifestation takes some practice. Get started today!

• Practice Clarity and Interest. Keep visualizing what you want and feel its presence in your life today. Experience the emotions (joy!) of what it is like to have what you desire. Make decisive choices anchored in the present moment.

Finally, you can anticipate positive change by affirming daily. Here’s an affirmation to help you unseat old programs when a negative impulse strikes!

Can’t Afford Mindset

When I dwell on the idea of lack, I build a consciousness of lack and it attracts more lack. Whatever I ask for, I receive, because the natural state of the unlimited universe is to provide for me. I now have the mindset of abundance because my source is unlimited! I am part of a universal order that provides an abundant and inexhaustible supply. I see abundance reflected in all areas of my life. My income and all things that are valuable to me are prospering and growing bigger as I notice how much abundance there is in the world.

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