If the world around you seems spinning out of control, things totally out of your hands, remember this: Start focusing on what you can control. And eventually your life and business will begin to level off. That in mind, your mantra should be focus, focus, focus.

Best selling author, Christine Kloser, says your focus should not be on what you can’t control, but on what you can. Focus, she says, on what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

Focusing on what you can’t control, in difficult times, will not only dim your creativity, deplete your self confidence and energy. It can have you spiraling into a negativity which can delete some, or all, of the personal, financial and business successes you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Kloser says, “Focus on what is working”. And this regards both your personal and family life as well as your business.

Guaranteed. The world, business - our lives - will have their ups and downs. It’s a given we’ll experience periods of turmoil whether we had a hand in creating it or not. Plus, the longer you’re in business, and longer you live, the more you’ll see and/or experience it in your own life. When these times arrive, don’t allow yourself to panic. Not only will this compromise you and your business, it can easily transfer to and instill panic in family members, customers and employees. The very people who rely on your stability and good judgment to guide them.

Here’s 7 strategies to help you focus on what you can control:

1. Review and justify all expenses. Keeping in mind essential family, customer and general business needs which should be reconciled. Spending is something you absolutely can control.

2. Keep up biz networking. In trying times chatting with other biz owners, experiencing much the same thing, can relieve tension. By the time you arrive home much of it’s diffused. And won’t spill over to family.

3. Continue participating in school, sports, church and other local functions. If you have a business, take time out to participate in these positive environments. Not only will they bring you and your family the joy needed to sustain itself through difficult times, it will help keep you on track emotionally. Help you stay closer to your family.

4. Have a biz? Reach out to customers. Send out a newsy newsletter, chat with them. Listen and acknowledge the rough time they’re having.

5. In slow times, it’s easier to get more work done. Speed up the workflow. Become more efficient. Work on home or biz projects left on the back-burner. Organize a new business. Start writing that book. Working out. Take a class. Do biz research. Read some uplifting or biz books.

6. Change your biz marketing message to reflect the current climate. Be as upbeat as it allows. Let customers and prospective customers know you understand what they’re thinking, feeling, going through. Customers are less likely to desert you in bad times when they know you care.

7. Re-think what counts to you, your family and business most. It’s easy, during busy, successful times, to lose sight of your original dreams and goals. And veer off.

Bottom line:

Don’t allow yourself to wallow in negativity brought about by circumstances it’s likely you can’t change or control. Or become frozen and unable to function. Instead, focus on what you can control. Taking this valuable time to rethink, recreate, or redevelop your life and/or business. Do this, and you’ll emerge from unique times happier and more successful than ever.

Author's Bio: 

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