The penis is refered to as the linghma in tantra’s language. The lingham means – wand of light. So much nice isn’t it?

Tantrist believe that prolonging orgasm, allows latent energies to evolve and fill the body, thereby raising awareness, sensation, pleasure, and of course ending in a mind blowing orgasm – like no other.

After taking some time to warm up his body, gently rest your hands over the genital area, and breathe deeply for a few minutes, Encourage him to do likewise, so that arousal is tempered, and he doesn’t get too carried away.

Start my dripping oil over the testes and lingham (ideally a cold pressed natural oil such as almond, olive should be used, or a water based lubricant). Gently massage and stroke the testes, slowly increasing pressure. Remember to always take the cue from him.

Use a firm, but glising stroke from the head to the base and back up again. Do this a few times, Now gently masage the head, making sure that there is enough lubrication to ensure a slow, smooth and luxurious gliding motion.

Keep eye contact, and use your other hand to carress his stomach, thighs, hips. And buttocks. Tease him with a bit of sex talk.

When giving someone a tantric lingham massage – always make sure that both partners are relaxed, comfortable, warm, and focused. You can use a towel or sheet to cover the area, to give him a bit of modesty. Moving the material as and when required.

Vary the speed and pressure of the strokes, touch other areas of the body (but do not break contact).

If he appears to take off, encourage him to breathe deeply… keep him in this semi-aroused state for atleast 20 – 30minutes. This will allow him to become more multi-orgasmic, give him waves of pleasure, build up energies to the max, and allow him to have an earth shattering orgasm.

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