Being a member of a particular group gives a person a feeling of belongingness. Whatever group the person is in, the feeling of being accepted is invaluable. More often than not, membership groups have membership cards to prove that each of them is a certified member.

Membership groups are prevalent today. There are just so many rising groups from student groups, political groups, civic groups and even church groups. These groups usually have membership cards that they can show to prove they are members of the group. The membership card, usually made of plastic cards for durability, is the physical proof of the membership.

But more than just the plastic membership cards, each member must strive to build involvement and real membership to the group. The plastic card is the physical proof while involvement is the membership proof. Here are some ways to help build real membership:

  • Each member of the group must be encouraged to get involved. A group is not a group if not all its members are getting involved. There should be open communication among the members.
  • If there are newsletters or publications, each member should receive one. This will make the members updated about the group.
  • Always recognise the contributions and involvement of each member of the group. This will help motivate the members to further get involved. The more involvement is recognised, the more the members will want to get involved.
  • In order to expand the membership group, each member must strive to invite more prospective members. The prospective members must qualify the requirements set by the group.
  • New members must be welcomed. They must feel that the members of the group are happy to have them.

These are some ways to make members of the group get involved. As a member of a group, it is not enough that you have the plastic membership card. Anyone who has met the requirements of the group can have that plastic card but not all will be true members of the group.

Remember that membership is more than just a plastic card that you can display in your wallets or card holders. True membership means getting involved and becoming a real member whom other members can relate to. If all members of a group are involved, there is no doubt that the membership group will continue to expand and stay strong as a group.

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