Short, witty statements are easy to remember and we use them a lot without much thought. Have you ever noticed that many of these phrases used in our society aren’t as empowering as they are meant to be? The more they are used, the more they become acceptable. A lot of the phrases we use may be popular but they can also be limiting and inhibit our personal growth. When we accept a limiting statement as a truth and use it frequently… we are creating a belief! What are some of the every day common phrases you use that may not reflect your greatness?

Recently, I heard someone respond to a situation with “My Bad”. It’s a catchy statement, but is it empowering? Since then, I have noticed a lot of other people using it. When someone points out something to us we could instead respond with “Thank You”. It is an expression of gratitude for the opportunity to learn and it empowers us to resolve.

There are many ways we can help ourselves improve our lives. One way is to use affirmations. They can inspire, remind, guide and help keep us focused on what we intend to achieve. (For more information visit Vision Makers.)

The next time you think of using a popular phrase to either describe yourself or give as a response to something, first consider how you feel about the message it conveys and if it resonates with you or not. Then you can decide if it is really a truth you want to continue to validate.

Author's Bio: 

Paula is an inspirational writer and a co-author in the book "Living In Clarity" part of the best selling book series, Wake Up Live the Life You Love. She desires to help people in personal growth and to realize they are masterful creators. To Paula, Vision Makers is an opportunity to express her passion of writing while inspiring others.