With the current economy and market changes I certainly feel it is important to keep a positive attitude, be positive and focus on what’s working versus what isn’t working. I know without a doubt that this helps me stay productive, peaceful and creative which makes me better at what I do daily. I have started exercising more, praying more, meditating and reading more uplifting books just to stay in a happy centered place.

As a business coach I am recently seeing a trend with several of my small business clients who always, always maintain an admirably positive attitude. Uncharacteristically, I am seeing avoidance, procrastination and a kind of refusal to look at their business situation; however I must remark that they are maintaining a positive attitude.

One client voiced, “If I just don’t look at it, I am not afraid.” Who wants to be afraid? I understand this all too well. After Christmas vacation I took a hard look at revenue projections and realized I had to cut employee hours. Honestly, I should have looked three weeks earlier but instead of looking at my numbers I looked at my vision board and hoped for more business instead of looking at my financials or my new strategies for earning revenue.

It reminds me of the three monkeys; see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. A positive attitude may be easier when we are not looking, listening or talking about the economy or loss of revenue but is it practical and is it empowering? Is it really the healthiest way to deal with the business challenges we face and what about our own well being?

Its human nature I guess to avoid looking at what’s changing, an understandable phase for any and all of us to move through but not a good place to hangout and get stuck. As business owners, if we don’t look at the reality of what is happening we can’t powerfully make our next move. We can’t anticipate and head off potential crisis and we can’t make the adjustments needed to stay in business and even potentially thrive.

Here are some questions to ask yourself and your team:

What are your financials telling you?
How will we strategically cut operating costs?
Will we reduce your ability to compete effectively if we do?
Will we reduce the quality of our product with these cuts?
Will we reduce the clients' experience with our company?
Will we reduce the goodwill we have worked so hard to build?
How are our employees feeling?
What layoffs are coming, if any?
How will we prepare them?
How can we all pull together?
How will we have to change our business development plan? Has our market dried up?
Do we need new markets, services or products?
What habits will I have to change or adjust?
What business practices will change?
How will our marketing messages change?

Of course, none of us want to be in “fear,” maybe that’s a phase as well, just another emotion to move through? I find I have much more energy, peace and power when I am practically looking at what is happening in the world and in my business. After all when you are awake and paying attention you don’t miss any of the miracles either!


Author's Bio: 

As owner of People Biz, Inc., Alicia Marie has become a leader in the field of coaching and training. She has designed more than 100 custom training programs for hundreds of business owners in a variety of industries across the country. In addition, Alicia has coached managers, presidents and sales professionals on how to build a business truly worth having!

Alicia Marie has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years. Her insatiable desire to learn more about people, along with her expertise in behavioral sciences, neuro-linguistics and business, give her a unique ability to powerfully address the challenges her clients face.

Having obtained numerous certifications in training and development, Alicia recently earned her PCC certification in coaching. Alicia has been a leader, coach and trainer for Landmark Education. She is also the author of and wellness coach for the Healthy Solutions Program, a 25-week wellness program designed to create balanced, healthy lifestyles.

Alicia is a mother of four and grandmother of two. She is a Yoga enthusiast and runner. Having spent most of her life in Texas, she currently resides in the Austin metro area.

Coaching Program Coordinator – Diana Kazazian

Diana has a background in educational coordinating, sales, and office administrations. She has 4 children and 1 grandson who she loves spending time with. Reading, listening to music, traveling and spending time with her family are important parts of her life. She’s working in the office with us Monday-Friday 9-12 pm.

Coaching Program Coordinator & Marketing Admin – Angela Rogers

Angela has a professional background in office administration.
In addition to supporting clients and the coaches, she tackles all
marketing initiatives and manages the company’s web presence.
Her easy going, yet professional attitude is a perfect complement
to our team. She is happily married and lives in Cedar Park, Texas.

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