Recently, I was pondering the age ole’ question, “What does it really mean to be spiritually grounded?”

If you think back to childhood you might recall being curious about the world. You may have wondered why the stove was described as hot or why your parents were low on funds when there were still blank checks in the drawer.

Perhaps you were much like me and figured if those white plastic plates in the wall were capable of eating a metal prong, then it must be okay to stick the tip of a butter knife in them too.

Yes, right around the age of six, curiosity of those wide-eyed electrical outlets got the best of me.

I remember crouching to my knees and licking my lips. I held a steady hand as I pretended to be playing Milton Bradley’s game of Operation. Slowly I inserted the metal knife. Instantly a rush of steady current jolted through my arm.

The surging stream felt like heavy setting concrete burning throughout my entire body, and it connected me with its strong electrical force until I finally let go.

I’ll never forget the feeling.

I share this with you not to promote this event. In fact, DON”T TRY THIS AT HOME!! It was juvenile and dangerous, yet this electrifying lesson is a wonderful analogy to describe spiritual grounding.

The ground of the earth is a solid tangible surface full of energy and life. Just as lightning will not strike the earth unless certain conditions are met, spiritually speaking our Higher Power cannot make a connection with us unless we’re properly plugged in and open to receive.

In order to have spiritual grounding success, you must be mindful of the present. Praying or meditating with distractions leads to faulty connections. Heads fill with noise and minds short-circuit from too much chatter.

Do this enough times and your internal wiring will become so confusingly crossed that your chances of blowing a fuse are likely indeed.

And let’s not forget about resistance...

Just as a 60 watt bulb has more resistance than a 100 watt one, the amount of current we conduct always controls our spiritual flow. When we detach from our Higher Power whose charge is always present, we become less grounded and more spiritually drained.

“But, how do I re-charge?” you may ask.

Just follow three easy soul-felt steps:

1) Plug Your Self In: Find your center and focus on your breathing
2) Keep a Current State of Mind: Remain in the moment and let go of all else.
3) Be an Open Conduit: Create a pathway for divine messages and be open to receive.

If you’re feeling in the dark, turn up the current. If you need to re-charge, be still and go within.

It’s really so simple..

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and ground yourself already, but not literally, of course.

When you take time out to become one with your energy source, you can "enjoy the experience" (tm) come what may.

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