So, just what are the benefits of wheatgrass juice? Seems like every month somebody is touting a new found 'super-food!' One week it's the Acai berry, the next it's green tea. All of which have merit but if you want to know the true super foods it's the ones with staying power that are worth your time and money. Since the late 1960's, wheatgrass has been a staple at most health food stores and is considered one of nature's greatest gifts. It is one of the "most abundant super-foods known to man, wheat grass has been celebrated for its nutritional content, cleansing and cell regeneration capabilities as well as being in a form that is easily and effortlessly assimilated and digested by our bodies."

What is wheatgrass?

According to Wikepedia, wheatgrass refers to the young grass of the common wheat plant, Triticum aestivum that is freshly juiced or dried into powder for human as well as animal consumption.

"Wheatgrass is grown through a process known as sprouting. Sprouts are a "complete foods" because they contain all other essential dietary nutrients, along with the enzymes to help assimilate them. They are easily digested and enter the bloodstream quickly. The nutrients in wheatgrass juice are completely assimilated by the human body in 20 minutes. For this reason sprouts are "quick energy" foods. Wheat sprouts (wheatgrass) contain four times more folic acid, and six times more Vitamin C, than unsprouted wheat or ordinary grass."

How is wheatgrass consumed?

Wheatgrass is most often consumed as a juice. You can find powdered wheatgrass supplements but to derive the most health benefits it suggested that you consume fresh wheatgrass juice.

According to Ann Wigmore (pioneer in wheatgrass juice usage), "wheatgrass juice should be ideally taken straight or mixed with distilled water one hour before meals or two hours afterwards."

In general, for normal health maintenance, drinking one to two ounces of wheatgrass juice every day or every other day is common. If you have never consumed wheatgrass juice before, one ounce is a good place to start. The slower the better; wheatgrass can have a detoxifying effect so small doses to start are a good idea.

You can find wheatgrass juice at most health food stores as well as wheatgrass supplements. You can also purchase Certified Organic Wheatgrass Seeds and sprout your own at home. If you do it yourself you will need to purchase a Wheat grass juicer .

OK here is my one and only warning: NO, it does not taste good! No big deal just do a quick swallow followed by a glass of water. By the time your taste buds have figured out what happened it will all be over with!

What are the benefits of wheatgrass?

The lists of benefits associated with wheatgrass are huge, it tends to make one question the validity, but the truth is that wheatgrass is a pretty amazing food and its core properties are incredibly beneficial to both humans and animal.

• "Wheatgrass juice is an ultimate energizing health drink.
• It is effective in enriching blood and curing various blood disorders.
• It is efficient in reducing blood pressure.
• Wheatgrass juice is highly beneficial and potent aid for weight loss.
• Effective in eliminating body odors.
• Enhances immune system and helps in quick healing of wounds.
• It acts as astringent and effective skin cleanser. Hence beneficial in lightening skin scars.
• It is helpful in restoring the natural luster, shine and bounce in the hair. It is also beneficial in curing dandruff problems.
• Small amount of wheatgrass juice daily prevents tooth decay.
• Because of its high fiber content it is effective in treating constipation and other bowel problems.
• It acts as master cleanser for liver.
• Its antibacterial property checks the growth of bad bacteria.
• The Chlorophyll in wheatgrass is beneficial in curing blood sugar disorders.
• In some cases it is also beneficial in restoring fertility.
• Helpful in elimination of heavy metals and other toxic materials from body.
• Prevents premature graying of hair."

Wheatgrass being approximately 70% crude chlorophyll, can have a highly energizing effect and a real boost to those looking to alkalize their body." According to Dr. Ann Wigmore, wheatgrass has an exceptional ability to both nourish and detoxify the body.

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