My intention was to write this article with a fairly clear idea of what Iwanted to express. But you know what they say about intentions –at least good ones?:-)

I came out to my balcony with laptop in tow and I started typing.However, the impressive powerboats and mammoth lake and oceanfreighters passing by against the magnificent backdrop of thedowntown Detroit skyline soon had my full attention.

I chose to live here just because of this million dollar view, and Iwork out here in my ‘second office’ almost every day, so why wouldI be so distracted this particular time?

The answer didn’t take long to appear. Coming into view a foot at atime was this sleek, bright white yacht with blacked-out windows. Itslowly cruised by, as if to say “watch me!” She was indeed a thingof beauty, all 120 or so feet of her. The ultimate physical statementof success and achievement!

Suddenly, my pre-conceived notion of how this article was going tounfold simply flew away, just like the flocks of roosting seagulls doas I approach them on my morning walk along the river’s edge.

I began to wonder exactly who owned this stunning ship and howhe or she ‘attracted’ it into their life. No doubt the owner was takingseveral weeks off, or perhaps even the entire summer, to cruise theGreat Lakes. Or even better, this yacht set to sea in the Caribbean,headed up the Atlantic seaboard entered the St. Lawrence Seawayand sailed down through Lake Ontario and Lake Erie to pass by mybalcony - to inspire me!

A lingering look through powerful binoculars made this ultimatestatus symbol all the more beautiful!

I returned to reality, wondering who the owner could be.

One thing I can assure you is that someone created a lot of wealthin order to be able to navigate this vessel past my building at thismost appropriate time!

You might be thinking that this came from inherited money and youcould be right. The point remains, however, that one person, at onetime, with a single idea, put into motion “the seed” that attracted allthe money required to float this multi-million dollar ship down theDetroit River. Let’s examine this.

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that our “captain” here isalso a captain in the entrepreneurial world. He or she owns or is anintegral part of a successful company or corporation.

As is the case with most real success stories, this entrepreneurprobably started with only “the seed” and a shoestring budget. Andso, the important question becomes: how did this seed grow intothe success it is today?

Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of the answer most likely lies withinthe title of this article. They “thought” their way to the top! I canguarantee you that this entrepreneur “thinks” like the world’s mostsuccessful entrepreneurs. He or she thinks “success thoughts”.

Are you wondering what success thoughts are?

Success thoughts are simply those powerful and empoweringthoughts you think, minute-to-minute, hour-by hour, day-to-day,every day, that set into motion the Universal Law of Attraction –what you think is what you get! Think success – achieve success.

Henry Ford thought success thoughts.

Thomas Edison thought success thoughts.

Tony Robbins and Donald Trump think success thoughts, each andevery day, as often as they can!

As human beings, we are all subject to slacking off, and no personcan honestly remain in totally “positive mode” every second of everywaking hour. However, the simple yet powerful rule is that yourthoughts dictate what happens to you, not only in business, butalso in your personal life. Think good thoughts – get good things inreturn. Think GREAT thoughts – get GREAT results! Change yourbelief system – change your results!

Don’t believe me?

Here’s what Henry Ford had to say on the subject: “Whether youthink you can or whether you think you can't, you're right!”

Modern day master motivator Tony Robbins chimes in: “If you dowhat you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten.”(this HAS to make sense to you:-)

Famous author, Dr. Joyce Brothers, offers this pearl: “Success is astate of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as asuccess.”

The Reverend Robert Schuller says: “The only place where yourdream becomes impossible is in your own thinking.”Donald Trump has it: “If you're going to be thinking, you may aswell think big.”

I wouldn’t dare put myself into the same category as the aboveicons but I can tell you in no uncertain terms that EVERY time Ihave reaped the financial benefits and personal satisfaction fromhaving a project become successful, I WAS thinking the “rightstuff”!

Reflecting back on my entrepreneurial path, I can see that almostevery time a project failed, I was not “in-tune” with the universe norwas I “thinking success thoughts”. I was thinking limiting, negativethoughts, such as how much money I was spending developing theproject or how much time was being spent to complete it or worse,visualizing it as a failure, which is exactly what it became!

This is no coincidence. It’s a Universal Law. Change your thinking –change your results!

Even The Bible says it’s so: “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.[Proverbs 23:7]”

So, the burning question becomes: “Can YOU Think Your Way tothe Top!?”

And here’s the real answer: “YES, You CAN Think Your Way to theTop by thinking the very same success thoughts as the world’smost successful entrepreneurs!”

Let me leave you with the chorus lyrics of a song I co-wrote called“I Will” with the hope they will begin to get you thinking the rightstuff!:

I Will because I can
I’ll Do cause I believe
The strength I need to make the change
Is deep inside of me
I’ll Walk where I have crawled
I will Run til I can fly
My wings will fill my dreams will soar
The moment that I say I Will

Here’s to seeing You at the Top!

© Rick Beneteau

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