So many people struggle with life challenges because they do not know how to be their own best friend. We are all good at being there for others with encouraging words of support and love but rarely are we capable of extending these things to ourselves. In fact we are often our own worst enemy, with a self critic and a massive data base in our heads of all the things we have been told we can’t do or won’t be able to do or should never attempt.

People confuse egotism with self love, it is okay to tell yourself you have done a good job that is not the same as going around and telling anyone within earshot how great you are. It is okay to give yourself nurturing messages of encouragement; it is okay to be your own best friend; that is not the same thing as trying to create an illusion of perfection so that you may be admired from afar.

Best friends support you in tough times rather than criticize you, they do not shame you for your mistakes but encourage you to learn from them and try again. Best friends accept you for who you are warts and all and love you for just being you. Best friends ground you in reality help you walk through the emotions until you can see with greater clarity the issues before you. And no one can be your best friend better than you can.

When you start to criticize yourself for your mistakes become a best friend and learn to be a little bit gentler on yourself. When you begin to flounder or have doubts become your own best friend and speak to your spirit with encouraging words which inspire and motivate rather than pull apart and destroy. Ask yourself this “what would I want my best friend to say or do right at this moment?” then do that.

It is not rocket science, it does not require any New Age twenty page how to guide, you simply treat yourself as you would treat your best friend with compassion, kindness and love.

So what are you waiting for? Become your own best friend, today!

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