The old saying of "if you fail to plan you'll plan to fail" is never more evident than in the work at home environment. Looking for a work at home business requires much more than simply choosing the one which makes the boldest claims.

Quite simply, many searches for home based businesses are doomed to fail even before someone types in the search term in their broswer. The problem is, the term is too broad and the results will return a variety of options in different categories.

What type of home business are you looking for? You need to define a number of aspects of what it is you're looking for.

Home Based Business Questions

Here's a list qualities you should determine:

- how much will it cost you to enter
- what knowledge do you have of this home business
- what level of training will you receive
- what level of support will be available to you
- is this opportunity legitimate or a possible scam
- is there a strong market for either products or prospects
- what are the minimum hours a week you need to invest in the business

Looking For The Easy Option

The alarming statistic relating to home business failure is scary. More than 95% of them will fail and this figure doesn't look like improving anytime soon.

The problem exists in people being drawn into an opportunity amid wild and enthusiastic claims by those promoting them. The best home based businesses are those where any mention of "get rich quick" is avoided.

The truth is, working from home is attractive to nearly everyone. But most people seem to be of the opinion this means there is no hard work involved. Claims that you can make thousands of dollars are week on auto pilot are wildly exaggerated.

Not only this, these income claims are also supported by claims of very little effort required. The reality is, the attractiveness of working from home comes from exactly that...working from home.

Yes, there is work involved and unless you put in the required effort to build a business then you'll just end up being one of the 95 per cent statistics.

The best home based businesses are those where you get solid training and are provided with strong support. These have the best chance of succeeding because you won't be left to your own devices in the crucial early stages.

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