Searching for the best rated home business can prove fruitless unless you have a determined plan for what it is you are looking for.

The problem with many people starting a home business today is the lack of skills required to run it. Yes, the benefits such as working from home are great but if you don't have a plan to execute to reach your productivity and financial goals then you are basically jumping into a big pool of sharks.

You will get gobbled up pretty quickly!

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The biggest problem working from home for many is getting stuck in a paralysis analysis phase. Going from a job situation where you are under supervision and basically follow a company's work schedule and then going out on your own is a major step.

The problem...being able to motivate yourself to get the required tasks completed which will build your business. In other words, you need to be a self-starter because unless you put in the man hours needed, no one else will and your bottom line will remain stagnant.

This is a major concern for network marketers. Many will jump head long into a supposed best rated home business and will flounder when they realize the promise that they would get their business built for them was lacking a little substance.

Suddenly, they need to be the salesperson, the recruiter, the motivator and trainer and the end result is a feeling of overwhelm which eventually forces them to pull the plug on the whole idea.

And the expected support they were promised at the beginning suddenly dries up as soon as they put their signature to paper and pay their dues.

There is an answer for work at home seekers who are looking for the best rated home business. It's called community based network marketing and it solves each of the problems mentioned above.

Today, community based network marketing is still very much in it's infancy but works on the premise of getting members to work to their strengths. If you have strong sales skills then you concentrate on speaking with prospects.

If you are a good motivator but lack sales skills then you will be assigned mentor duties. And like wise, if attracting prospects is your strong point then that's the area you will be assigned to.

The result, people working to their strengths for the same common goal which is success for everyone.

It's a true leverage situation where the combined efforts of everyone translates into a tidal wave of momentum and the end goal is achieved much quicker than was thought possible when an individual attempts to build a network marketing business on their own.

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