Could Feng Shui have saved investors from losing billions to Bernard Madoff? Yes!

In Madoff’s office, a Classical Feng Shui practitioner would have been able to see absolute indications of “secrets”. A series of numerical calculations could literally have seen the future: this was a man with secrets who could not be trusted with money.

How can Classical Feng Shui reveal what’s coming? This science uses numbers to analyze how the unseen energies of a place are interacting with the visiting planetary influences. The numbers that result from the calculations can then be translated: a certain combination of numbers, for instance, might reveal an unfavorable environment for partnership coupled with an indication of secrets. The relations between these numerical combinations and real-world outcomes has been revealed – and proven – over more than 5,000 years that Feng Shui has been practiced.

Thus, when authentic Feng Shui is performed correctly, it can be used to predict and forecast what is going to take place in a location. For instance, a consultation might reveal that a particular building was charged with unseen energies that could lead to high expenses, revenue shortfalls, a hostile takeover, etc. When such inauspicious energies are found, Feng Shui can also be used to minimize the potential negative outcomes.

Here are three examples of how Feng Shui “number power” can work for your business:

1. Early-warning on problems developing inside a business. One of my clients was looking to buy a small retail business. In using Classical Feng Shui, I looked at the location of the business and the date on which it was started by the present owner. I saw strong indications that there were “secrets” going on in the business and advised my client to get the books checked. He said an initial audit had already shown that the books were fine. Because the energetic pattern so clearly indicated dishonesty and something hidden, I strongly urged him to get a second opinion — and thankfully he did. The second audit revealed that the buyer of this business would inherit a $200,000 IRS debt which was buried in the sales contract. Once the client learned of this, he immediately dropped his plans to purchase the business, saving himself from a financial disaster.

The future of a business – or investments -- can also be revealed by looking at the home of the business owner or investor. In the case of the Madoff scam, the energies in the homes of every investor who lost money through Madoff’s firm would have indicated a HUGE money loss.

That’s why it’s prudent to have an authentic Feng Shui practitioner conduct an annual assessment of both your home and business. By staying alert to potential dangers — or beneficial energies — you work with rather than against the energies shaping your fortunes.

2. Insights into relationship and partnerships. You can be the absolute best in the business, but making the wrong choices about everyone from vendors to partners can handicap your success. A perfect example is John McCain and his vice presidential running mate, Sarah Palin. Now we all know that Sarah made some major media mistakes, and many political analysts even said that her inexperience was one of the reasons McCain lost the election. Yes, all that is certainly true from a wordly view. However, when you look at the numbers between the two, what you see is eerie: The numbers in Sarah Palin’s natal chart clearly showed that she would cause McCain defeat. He probably selected her to win women voters. If, instead, he’d had an authentic Feng Shui consultant “run the numbers,” he might have weighed his options and chosen a running mate with more power to support his success.

I’ll also give you a personal example of how those numbers make a difference: A while ago, I needed to retain an attorney. I got referrals from friends and colleagues and weighed each attorney's relevant expertise. In making my final decision, however, I compared each attorney's numbers to my own birthdate and the timing. The numbers told me exactly which attorney would give me the highest success. I chose that attorney. Though my case seemed to present a number of challenges, she handled my case with amazing success — the ruling went so completely my way that I was in awe of what happens when you work with the right energetic partner!

3. Choosing the right dates for proposals, deals and other major endeavors. Just as the planetary influences at the time of your birth establish your personal horoscope, the planetary influences on the day you start a particular venture establish your business and financial horoscope. For instance, if you buy stock on a day when there is money luck in your chart, you'll make money. If luck is missing that day, I guarantee you won't make money. If a daytrader were to review all the dates on which he bought stock in a given month, he would find that stocks with the biggest rates of return were all picked on 4 to 5 certain days within that month when the planets were aligned in his favor. The same applies to opening up a bank account on a particular date. I know westerners may find this silly, but in Asia, people will not schedule major business actions without checking whether the date is auspicious for that particular type of action. Remember, however, that a date that is auspicious for one person may not be auspicious for another person -- the personal horoscopes must be considered in conjunction with the business horoscope.

Suppose, for example, that you want to incorporate your new business. Choosing an auspicious date is critical because it becomes the birthdate of your business. Through Feng Shui, you can look ahead and find a date that is marked for you with money-making potential. I had a client whose business simply limped along despite all the hard work she poured into it. After analyzing her incorporation date, I suggested she close the old corporation and reincorporate on a new date. Within less than 6 weeks of reincorporating on a date that had strong money-luck potential, her business started booming like she had never experienced before. She wasn't working harder -- but her business horoscope was now working with her rather than against her.

Consider date-selection Feng Shui before you open bank accounts, submit business proposals, buy cars, or make any major purchase. Note, too, that date selection can make a difference in your personal life, particularly if you are selecting a wedding date or preparing to undergo in vitro fertilization.

(c) 2009 Rupal Mehta Turner

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