Self improvement is an ongoing part of being alive! It is not about stopping something in your life and expecting it to go away. One of the most common forms of self improvement is the breaking of old and sometimes unhealthy habits. Smoking and drinking are two of the most common forms. Self improvement is to improve on you and your qualities and with that it takes on a daily practice of bettering you.

Self improvement results to inner standing, personality development and personal power and it comes from self confidence, self appreciation and self esteem. Remember your wide-eyed wonder when moving into the world as a child and how you have grown since then.
What you did through those years affected what your outcome is today.

Improvement is a one step at a time process. It is certainly a method of enhancing the level of happiness in your life. It goes hand in hand with improving a self image. Focus on your concentration. Thinking really hard doesn't get you to your goals. Starting a daily practice of improvement will definitely help you.

Self improvement is a continuous process and there is no finish line to it. Treating life as a competition is counterproductive. Your improvement is all about evolving and changing for the better. It’s an orientation toward learning new approaches and making optimal use of one’s talents.

Author's Bio: 

Richard Runyon is a person that changed his life through recovery and self improvement and today Life is!