Fitness facts and fictions

Q: How can I reduce the fat around my middle, or any other specific area of the body?
A: Spot reduction is not possible! The only way to lose fat is through reduced caloric intake and exercise. Cardiovascular training is an excellent way to reduce fat, and should be done 5-7 times a week, for a minimum of 20 minutes. Muscle training is a wonderful way to give the body that ‘shape’ we all crave, and muscle also requires more energy, and therefore will rev up your metabolism, so that you are burning more calories at rest.

Q: As a woman, I want to have great shape, and know that I must do some muscular training to achieve that, but I don’t want to “bulk-up”. Will workouts like Flex-Fuel cause me to bulk up?

A: Absolutely not! Women have far less of the hormone “Testosterone” than men, and therefore, doing a workout involving high repetitions will result in a lean, sculpted shape, not bulk! Remember, if you lose weight through cardiovascular exercise and diet alone, you may be thin, but have no shape! Strength Training gives us that “WOW” factor!

Q: After having children, my body will never be the same, right?
A: Of course NOT! As women, child birth is the most natural thing that our bodies do, and our bodies are designed to snap back, but, of course, this requires regular exercise, and a healthy eating plan.

Q: Can men and women alike achieve their fitness goals with the Funky-M Fuel Systems DVD’s?
A: Absolutely! My workouts are designed to be functional, challenging

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Michele Carmichael has been extremely involved in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years! Michele is well-known in her native town of Calgary, Canada, as “The Instructor’s Instructor”, and is President of the instructor training company; Funky-M FuelSystems TM. DVDs better than Bodypump and Bodyflow!
She has presented her creative and infectious workouts internationally, for organizations such as IDEA, CANFITPRO and FIT RENDEZVOUS.
MICHELE stars in her own series of fitness DVD’s that guarantee superior results!! Michele provides encouragement as she inspires innovation and creativity in her students.