Our ego’s lie in our subconscious mind and are tricky little devils. One thing our ego does is get us to feel sorry for ourselves when things aren’t going the way we want them to. It does this by reminding us of those buried feelings of unworthiness hiding out in the inner recesses of our minds. You could be going along just fine, feeling good, and everything seems to be going great. Heck, you are doing all the right things! Visualizing, journaling, writing out all the things you are grateful for, and staying in the moment. Then somewhere along the way, WHAM!, something triggers that painful feeling of unworthiness. Maybe you made a mistake, or someone cuts you down, or you fail at something you’ve been working on (or its just not happening fast enough!), or you didn’t get the job or the sale or the raise you really, really wanted.
Yep, this is prime fertilizer for the ego mind. All of a sudden, you cannot remember any of that feel good stuff you’ve been working on because you have just gone into the “downward spiral” of despair, anger, or sadness. Its at this point when we start thinking, “Poor me, I guess I just don’t have what it takes” or “There must be something wrong with me” or “I’m just not good enough”. The other thing we might do is go into the “Aint it awful’s.” You know what I mean. The “Aint it awful I have to do this, when I really want to be doing that?”, “Aint it awful I can’t have the car (job, relationship, income, happiness…) I desire?”, “Aint it awful this is all taking so long!?”
Whoa!!!! The minute you notice yourself going down this all too familiar path, is the moment to change that negative momentum. I KNOW it’s not easy. We are sooo practiced at our reactions to our particular pain triggers. They have served us so well in soothing our bruised ego’s in the past, that we have become conditioned to automatically go there! The problem is that when we are in “Aint it awful” or “Feeling Sorry” mode we are creating from that mode. We are creating more “Aint it awful” and “Feeling Sorry” circumstance to come into our lives. These feelings do not serve us- they defeat us.
Here are a few “Midlife Mastery” tricks to help you get back into the flow of feeling good.
1. Take one of your “Aint it awfuls” and make a gratitude list about it. For example, if you are not where you want to be financially, make a list of how grateful you are for what you DO have! (If you have a car, a computer and a T.V. set, you are in the top 10% of the worlds economic status!) Your list might include: Your current steady paycheck (at least you have one!), your home, never going without food, a warm bed to sleep in, a loving dog, a beautiful park to walk through nearby, etc…
2. Remember that any feelings of unworthiness are beliefs given to you by someone else-they do not belong to you. Someone else decided a long time ago that you were unworthy based on his or her own insecurities. You just chose to believe it because you did not know any different. But now you do! You are a child of GOD-you are made of the same energy! How can you possibly be unworthy?
3. Try the Emotional Freedom Technique otherwise called “tapping”. It helps release negative emotions that are trapped in your body. Go to http://www.tapping.com for more information.
4. There are many other energy clearing techniques to help you let go of unwanted energy including Reiki, Qi Gong, Chakra Balancing and Breath work. You might experiment and find the one(s) that work best for you.
5. Finally, don’t wait!!! This is the most important of all!! The Universe (God, Source) wants you to have what you want for yourself! It wants you to have abundance, love, happiness and joy. It wants you to have that new job, that successful career, or that great new relationship. But, it can’t give it to you if you are feeling sorry for yourself or don’t feel you deserve it! The energy just doesn’t line up! If we are waiting for that new job, new body, or new partner in order to finally be happy, then we will never receive it. We must BE the happiness we desire RIGHT NOW in order to provide the opening for our good to flow to us. So be the happiness, love, joy and abundance now!

Author's Bio: 

A life and spiritual coach, Debra is the founder, president and CEO of Amazing Journey Life Coaching Services (www.amazingjourneycoach.com), a personal and spiritual development coaching company and on-line community for midlife women. Her work as an entrepreneur, wellness director of a large YMCA, author, speaker, and coach has resulted in her being recognized as an expert in personal and transformational success.
Debra has combined her education to suit her lifelong desire to know and understand the Spirit-Mind-Body connection and how universal laws work in our lives. She has a bachelor’s degree in wellness education with an emphasis in behavioral psychology, a master’s degree in community counseling and a Doctorate in metaphysics. Debra speaks to a variety of audiences on spiritual principles for awakening the power within to create positive life changes. She is the author of the e-book “Awakening the Power Within to Create Your Best Life”, along with several other e-books and e-courses.
In addition to the above, Debra’s new adventure with an on-line personal development business based in the law of attraction (www.amazingjourneycoach.info) is the perfect fit with her background, experience and education and she is excited to be a part of such a powerful network of leaders in the personal development business.

Debra is happily married, and is the proud parent of two biological sons and one stepson ages 24-28. She resides in her dream geographical location-the west coast of Florida! She is a health and fitness enthusiast, an avid reader of spiritual and metaphysical literature, and is committed to helping others grow and create their best lives.