Henry Ford said,
“If you think you can do the thing or you think you can’t do the thing, you’re right”.

Have you heard someone say, “I’m not into making New Years resolutions”.
Chances are this person has never had the opportunity to explore how to go about setting goals in the first place. Or they have set goals in the past with no real intent of following through with them, and went about setting them kind of like a wish list.

We have all heard that little voice say, “How the heck do you expect to pull this one off, it never worked before” even before we have a chance to contemplate an idea of something to strive for. So what happens is we might settle for what we know we can do and not what we want. We say things like, who needs that anyway, or, I’d have to buy a whole new wardrobe, or, I LIKE THINGS JUST THE WAY THEY ARE. This person is not applying the first Law of the Universe... it’s create or disintegrate. It does not matter what your age is, this law still works the same.

First off, goal setting is actually a habit one must get into. When we set goals it is an intellectual process. Goal Achieving is something totally different than goal setting; it has to do with working with the Laws of this Universe we live in. It sounds pretty crazy to most, this universal concept, doesn’t it? Check this out, if you were to take your hand and hold it under a very powerful microscope you would see that we are actually made up of tiny particles of energy, the same particles that make up that tree outside. In every one of my seminars or coaching classes, I mention we are just like that tree outside in another way as well; we are either growing or decaying. If that tree stops growing it instantly starts to die. When we do not set benchmarks to stretch for, we actually start the same process that tree does. We call it something else, ANXIETY. If you want to get rid of this destructive thing, set yourself some worthwhile goals that cause you to stretch. You ask any great outdoorsmen. We can take tons of examples on how to survive from what is growing all around us. We tend to complicate things more than we need to...

THE SECRET to any type of success is actually quite simple. First. What is your Purpose? (Why do you do what you do?) If you do not set this, you will likely never set the right goals for yourself and if you do set some, the chances of you actually achieving them are very slim. It’s important to take the time and ask yourself “what do I really like to do”? Your paradigm (what you’ve been brought up to believe) will usually not allow you to take the time needed to stop... Yes, stop, and ask yourself this question.

Henry Ford and Buddha both agreed on this one point and that is “we become what we think about”. Most people don’t take the time to think about what they want and focus more on what they don’t want thus receiving more of what is unwanted. Or they get all the results everyone else is getting because they allow themselves to be tossed around never taking the time it takes to set worthwhile ideals for themselves. An example is most people say they don’t have time for this.... Well, as you wish.... You do not have time for things you want.

Every time you get emotionally involved with an idea it automatically gets programmed into your subconscious and becomes a habit. You can see an example of this in the way you drive your car. Some people will admit to going through traffic lights and not remembering what the color of the light was or whole sections of town. You have driven your car so much you now are able to do it subconsciously. I am sure you would agree, this is not a safe way to drive your car but we can use the same process to allow ourselves to move closer to the goals we set more efficiently. We are now really starting to understand that repetition of any idea, wanted or unwanted, will become a reality.

We tell our kids “where there is a will there is a way”. This is exactly what the Wright brothers did to bring us the wonderful mode of transportation that brought a lot of our loved ones to visit us this past holiday season. The mere fact that you are open to this way of thinking has allowed the process of goal achieving to start.

If you are one of the many people that flood the gym this time of year, this idea should help. We all think in pictures. For instance, when you think of an automobile or your home, an image comes to mind, just as it does when you think of a boat, a feather or a bird. You get a picture on the screen of your mind. The same happens when I ask you to think of your car or a loved one. If you use this same process for what you want, the process of achieving it will happen much more efficiently. With the example of Releasing weight, find a picture in a magazine of the body you want to have, cut it out, and put it in a place where you will see it every morning. You know what you want the outcome to be, you have that image on the screen of your mind, but the key is to always be grateful for the body you have. You see, it’s OK to be dissatisfied as long as you are grateful. Dissatisfaction is what brought us the fax, electricity and airplane. People had the longing for something better. Place the picture in the drawer you most commonly use and look at it every morning and as you look at yourself in the mirror, see yourself with that body you desire. This is where it might take some discipline, no matter what the circumstances are see yourself with what it is you desire. If you give me a call or send me an email I am willing to send you a FREE goal card to start you in the direction you want or help you in speeding the process up. I wish you all an extremely healthy, happy and prosperous new year...
“Enjoy the Ride”... Colin
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