It is three years since the hit movie 'The Secret' took the world by storm and now the second instalment 'Beyond The Secret" is being released in just a few weeks time. This comes as great news to those people who struggled to really apply the secret and the law of attraction to their lives effectively, as the new movie promises to fill in the blanks that were left in the original movie.

Since the original movie 'The Secret' stormed its way around the world it has consistently managed to keep itself in the public glare with many books, articles, tv shows, programs and so on being spun out to an ever expanding audience to soak up. However it has not all been plane sailing for the creators of 'The Secret' movie as it appears to have become a 'love it' or 'hate it' topic with criticism levelled at it from all directions. Many argue that it gives false hope and even encourages day dreaming as there certainly wasn't a great deal of emphasis placed on actually taking action in the original movie which did appear somewhat overlooked and made it slightly mis-leading for a few.

It will be interesting to see how the producers go about setting the record straight on a variety of issues in the follow up 'Beyond The Secret'. The 'teachers' featured in 'Beyond The secret' this time include: Les Brown the Emmy award-winner, Marcia Wieder, Bob Proctor, Paul Martinelli and a variety of motivational speakers, authors and visionaries who are looking to improve your life with their practical, common sense advice.

Again the movie will be mostly presented by Bob Proctor whose calm assured, authoritative manner is garaunteed to inform and educate without you even really realising it.

Just to whet your appetite further here are a couple of quotes from the presenters of the forthcoming release of Beyond The Secret:

Paul martinelli: "There was a very important step missing from 'The Secret. "We let you in on the true secret to living the life you want in Beyond The Secret."

Bob Proctor: "'The Secret' was a phenomenon, but it's incomplete and confuses a lot of people. What we do is take them beyond that and teach people how to take control of their lives."

The movie is due out on June the 23rd.

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