The best minds in the United Sates and indeed the world are looking at the situation with concern etched across their faces and sweat on their brow. What do you do when a small situation becomes so intense that it starts to form a black hole that sucks everything around it in?

Everyone including the average person and even the giant businesses could get sucked into this one if we don't find a way to stop the slow growth pattern. At the center is a depth and density of blackness so all encompassing that no light escapes.

What is a depression? It is a downturn in the financial markets, but more than that it is a catastrophic event that brings almost everyone to their financial knees. Will we get there? Probably not, but there will be a financial dent in this country for a long time.

Why has this crept up on us in a way that didn't seem to provide any warning? It didn't.

The nature of this situation is that the preceding events jump back and forth from the average person on the street to the highest level of the financial world.

Business decisions are made by companies and people get hired. People get accustomed to that consistent income and design their lifestyle around it. I might add here that very few people ever THINK of the concept of MULTIPLE INCOME STREAMS...

Business decisions are made and people get downsized and laid off from their jobs. Income stops for those with a one or two income source mentality. When income stops people can't pay their bills and mortgages and then financial institutions and lenders begin to feel the crunch.

Soon the larger financial and investment firms slow or stop the cash and credit flow between themselves and the smaller banks and lenders that depend on them. Smaller financial institutions find they are going under and are bought up by larger firms.

In latter stages some of the larger financial and investment firms begin to lose grip and they are either bought up by even larger groups, broken apart and sold off in pieces or, as we have seen in recent days either bought up or taken over by government programs designed to stabilize the financial economy.

The black hole of financial debt begins to draw everyone into it. It affects world markets and sends prices skyrocketing which only serve to make the already bad situation even worse.

How can it be stopped? By the people just like you and I.

By reestablishing our personal financial strength the public consumption can be strengthened. The money is still out there, it didn't disappear. It just needs to be redistributed to balance the economy. Too much of it is being spent and pooling in the wrong places.

First, redesign the way you think about money and income. Realize that just having ONE or TWO job streams of income is simply not enough when you are betting everything you have and own on a company YOU don't run.

Learn to accept and think in multiple income streams for a solid financial base. Companies do it and it is the only thing keeping many afloat financially right now. They have many, sometimes hundreds of income streams coming in. I have been speaking about this for years, but...

Think I'm wrong? Look at the numbers and you'll see that the mortgage breakdown is in families with only one or two income sources that have either dried up completely or simply can't support the family debt load. Then they use credit to compensate and the credit eventually eats them alive and causes them to default on payments.

Until YOU get your financial position stabilized this country cannot become financially stabilized. It's up to you and me to do it not Congress or some economic bail-out plan.

The solution? Develop your personal value to self, others and our economy. Create within yourself a value of what you give back to society and industry and together we can collectively strengthen this economy and nation.

Don't get sucked into the Black Hole!

Author's Bio: 

Mr. Gentry has taken to heart the lessons shared with him over the years by his mentors. He continues to enrich himself through sharing his knowledge and insight with others in the attempt to better society by making even the slightest positive change in his fellow man.

Knowledge is worthless if it is not shared and utilized for positive direction and improvement.