Recognize and acknowledge the people and circumstances that bring you joy, comfort, support and wisdom. Blessings are not wrapped up in money or material goods. Blessings are the flow of support and generosity that embrace your life. A kind word can be a blessing. An offer of help can be a blessing. Time spent with loved ones can be a blessing. Each time you share your gratitude and appreciation for another, you extend appreciation into the world.

In every era, in every time, there are those who are experiencing difficulties. There have always been times of turmoil and confusion. It may appear that due to the increase of terrorist activities in the world or war or financial upset, that it is best to keep your energies close to you. It may appear that since there are increased incidents of violence in the global community, that you must guard your life and gifts. You may notice all of the harm done to ethnic groups and religions because of fear, hatred and calculated political aggravation.

Do not let any of this stop you. Do not let it hinder the expansion of your being. For every one person who is perpetrating crimes and spreading anger and fear, there are many thousands who are bringing love, appreciation and renewed caring into the world. Focus on those people. Know that your attention to the flows of generosity and light bring these aspects of humanity into greater power. It is so.

It is always necessary to harness your focus to those areas that serve and enlighten. You can create a profound difference in the world by your focus, attention and actions. You may not feel comfortable writing to your politicians to ask them to stop the proliferation of hate and control. You may not feel ready to go into the community and take on assignments to heal the breaches of politically or socially debilitating systems. There is still so much you can do to uplift the world and spread the highest blessings.

Acknowledge everyone you know for their contribution to your life. Yes! Your family and friends have blessed your life in many ways. They have helped you and given guidance. They have brought you joy and celebrated life with you. Let them know how much you appreciate their contribution to your life. Your employers and employees have supported your prosperity. Thank them! Acknowledge their gifts and trust in you. Thank the school teachers who are helping your children reach greater understanding and wisdom. Extend your gratitude and thanks to those around you who have contributed to your life. By doing this you will begin to share in a clear heart which will spread appreciation into the world at large.

Take heartfelt actions. Do wonderful things for others. Do wonderful things for the planet. Your focus is the key, but it is not the result. Focus on the highest good does not specifically generate the highest good, it merely points to it. Then what do you do? You act! Make telephone calls to your friends and loved ones. Send cards of appreciation to people in your life. Support the financial well-being of those who make a difference in the world. Buy the books, artwork and products of those who are working to uplift your life and the global community. Shop at the stores that support your community. Spread light and appreciation where ever you go.

When you acknowledge your blessings you increase them. When you share your blessings, you multiply them.
May Blessings be ever-present in your life.

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Lumari is a spiritual teacher, channel, psychic and author. In her book “Akashic Records: Collective Keepers of Divine Expression,” Lumari, channels direct communication with the Akashic and reveals the great body of wisdom within their care. Her book, "Alawashka, Language of Creation," is a compelling exploration of humanity, universal healing and spiritual awakening. To learn more about Lumari's books, workshops and consultations, visit lumari.com.