There’s a lot of buzz going on these days about “blogs”. You may have heard that blogs are “better” than traditional HTML web sites.

Chances are, if you’ve been surfing on the web that you have seen a blog. What many people don’t know is that you can’t tell a blog site by just looking at it. As a matter of fact, some blog sites do an AMAZING job of ‘imitating’ a traditional HTML web site.

If you can’t tell at first glance which sites are blog sites and which sites aren’t, then why oh why are blog sites so great?

One of the reasons that blogs are so much better than traditional HTML websites is that they’re easy for “regular people” to update. An essential key to a successful web presence is fresh content. Ever visited a website and saw horribly outdated content?

Outdated content makes a HORRIBLE first impression.

However, in addition to being easy to update, blogs are also naturally “search engine friendly”. That means when you post great new content to your blog, the search engines are more likely to find it. When they find it and index it… people who are searching for the answers you provide in your coaching practice will find your posts or articles. They find your articles, they read your articles and if you’re lucky, they’ll link to those articles. Before you know it… VIOLA! You’ve got traffic coming to your website.

If already have a traditional static HTML web site and you’ve been struggling to increase visitor traffic to your web site via the traditional methods, after a few months of blogging you may be tempted to proclaim that blogs are a source of MARKETING MAGIC.

They aren’t. You still have to put forth effort…. but to paint a word picture for you…

Launching your traditional HTML web site is like riding a bicycle up a steep hill. Meanwhile, using your blog to attract visitors to your web presence is like riding a motor scooter up that same steep hill.

If you’ve been doing the following to promote your traditional, static HTML web site, then you’re going to LOVE what a blog can do for your web presence..

* If you’ve been writing and posting articles on other sites…
* If you’ve been purchasing Ad Word campaigns trying to attract traffic
* If you’ve been trying to swap links with other web site owners with no success

Then you will be pleasantly surprised when you begin engaging in the very rewarding act of blogging for your coaching business.

Author's Bio: 

Kathy Hendershot-Hurd is founder and president of Virtual Impax LLC, a consulting firm that helps small business owners develop marketing strategies to grow and build their businesses. You can read more from Kathy at She is the author of Beyond the Niche: Essential Tools You Need to Create Marketing Messages that Deliver Results.