Ever wonder why there are times you experience body pain and other times you don’t? Ever wonder why there are mornings you wake up feeling tight all over and other mornings you feel free and flexible? Then there are those times when you’re in conversation with someone and suddenly the topic you are speaking about causes instant tightness in the neck, or it might even bring on a headache.
The reason for this is, very simply, that your emotions exert a great deal of control over your body. Positive emotions create a sense of wellness, while negative emotions tend to cause a little havoc, and the more deep-seated ones can create pain that comes up time and time again.

Are you someone who blames pain and tension on some physical exertion, or are you more in tune with your body, very aware that your thoughts create your state of being? Listening to what your body is telling you can often be the first step to healing.
Everything you think has an effect on your body and when you look at the thoughts you have day to day, it’s probably no surprise that you carry some form of pain and tension. If negative thoughts and belief systems create pain of some sort, then positive thoughts help to dissipate the pain.

Think about your situation for a minute…what is your state of being? Where in your body do you hold tension? Perhaps your ailments manifest through the stomach giving you a sense of nausea or cramps. Constant headaches are another way in which the negative emotions and thoughts can show themselves. Anger and frustration are a common undercurrent to the creation of a headache. Whether it be muscular or some other form of pain, know that this is just your body’s way of letting you know that something needs to be corrected. That is to say a belief or thought you’ve been carrying needs to be looked at. Does holding on to it serve any purpose? It could be a thought about yourself or another person but whichever it is, your body is telling you to let go. Most pain and unwellness is due to either holding on or fear or both. An example of this is holding on to a situation that no longer has a place in your life. Perhaps it is a job or a relationship that has run its course. I’m not saying that certain situations can’t be worked out (sometimes communication is all that’s needed to correct things). However if that fails to rectify then yes, it’s time to move on. We often don’t want to move on for fear that there is nothing better to go to, or that you will hurt another person. However when you finally do set yourself free, you will usually find it was for the best of all concerned.

Your body is a vehicle to learn from and not a vehicle to use for sickness. As mentioned earlier, discomfort can come up in different ways such as shoulder pain, hip pain or stomach upset. When it does you might like to ask yourself one of the following questions - “Why am I feeling this way?” “What am I fighting or repressing?” “What’s coming up for me that needs to be addressed?” Often, a stomach ailment can be due to literally not stomaching something that is going on your life. It can be that perhaps something you’re doing isn’t in line with your truth. By ‘truth’ I mean doing what is truly right for you. Do you walk around living your life for others instead of for yourself? The only way to answer that is to assess where you’re at – are you truly happy with your life? Are you passionate about what you do? If not then think about making some changes. This can be scary if you’ve never put yourself first before, but just take baby steps and do things for you. Have a massage, take a long walk, or do some yoga. ‘Timeout’ is a great way of coming back to what’s important – YOU. In doing this you succeed in living more in the moment, and you slowly but surely find the courage to make the changes that need to be made. If you honour yourself and do what’s right for you, automatically it will be for the highest good of all. Easier said than done I know, but try doing it and the doing will get easier! It just comes down to being honest with yourself and knowing that if this change brings you true joy, then in the long run it will be right for everyone else around you. The flip side of ‘Timeout’ and putting yourself first is that it can often shift the behaviour in others - quite miraculously at times - in which instance the change you initially yearned for will no longer be necessary. Either way though, you’re left feeling empowered, well and in control of your life.

When you’re not living in accordance with your true path or alternatively not flowing with life, body stress and pain can develop. Most of the time it shows up as a form of physical over-exertion. For example, carrying heavy boxes can put a back out, or shovelling dirt in the garden can cause tension in the shoulders. In the workplace, sore necks and repetitive strain injury can be a common occurrence. These activities merely bring up the blockages and so discomfort can set in. When you become more aware that the manifestation of pain is your body’s way of trying to tell you something, then you stop blaming the action that brought it on. Carrying heavy boxes, shoveling dirt, they are merely the activities that bring up the blockages and so discomfort sets in. Blockages are caused by anything negative – negative emotions, negative thoughts, or negative beliefs. This negativity is often held in the body for years before manifesting itself as pain or imbalance. An example of a negative emotion is fear of change. Change is something that the human race isn’t too crazy about and yet it is the only constant in life. Fighting change is a good place to start if you want to experience pain. The fight itself can create the blockage, which if built up over time, stays clogged up in your body unless you take steps to clear it. If the fear of change isn’t cleared then you will experience some sort of pain each time you are faced with making a change. Changes often mean that old rules no longer apply. In order to grow and stay healthy, you need to constantly let go of the past and the conditioning that no longer serves you. Letting go means surrendering to changes and accepting that the new will free you.

The underlying factor of disease is dis-ease, not being at ease with something. Physical pain is often created by not going with the flow and the state of your body acts as a barometer for where you’re at in life. When dis-ease becomes disease, look at it as your body’s way of raising it’s voice to you in an attempt to wake you up. Use illness to better understand your emotions and issues at hand, as it provides an opportunity to clear blockages and heal. Emotions are created by beliefs. The difference is whether these beliefs have a negative influence or a positive influence on your life.

A lack of trust in yourself or another can also bring up pain. You can bet that if you don’t fully trust yourself, then somewhere in your life is someone you don’t trust. You can’t like or hate something about another person without liking or hating it about yourself.
Someone once made a profound statement to me, one I wasn’t too crazy about at the time. They said, “It’s all about you!” Just look at that statement for a minute…if it is all about me, then I can’t blame anyone else. I am completely responsible for my own actions and life situation. Pretty big revelation that one! Today when I get irritated with anything in my life I am reminded of those words. They can either make me laugh or their truth will annoy me – ‘truth’ being the operative word!

Next time you experience pain, look at it in a different light. Listen to your body by getting in touch with your feelings. What’s been stressing or worrying you lately? Remember that honesty with yourself is the key. Use illness to better understand your emotions and issues at hand, as it provides an opportunity to clear blockages and heal. Emotions are created by beliefs. The difference is whether these beliefs have a negative influence on your life or a positive one.

A great tool to help bring clarity to what’s going on is to simply ASK. Ask the higher power in you’re life a simple question such as “What is this pain all about?” Or perhaps the pain you feel isn’t physical but rather it invokes a negative emotion. Anger is emotional pain and so you could ask, “Why does this situation make me feel so angry?” Anytime you feel anger or frustration towards a situation, it is usually not about the situation at all. Rather it is due to something that it reflects in you. By asking, the answers will be shown, keeping in mind that you need to be truly ready to see the truth.

Become familiar with your inner barometer and learn how to really listen to what your body is telling you. Medication can certainly help to relieve the pain or assist in calming the nerves, but it doesn’t get to the core of what created it in the first place. To clear it completely you need to get in touch with your feelings. For most of us, that can be challenging. Healing modalities such as Massage, Reiki and Meditation get in at a deeper level, allowing a sense of peace to emerge. Nurturing yourself in this way assists your growth and you begin to see and feel things differently.

For example, where once you might have been agitated about a particular event or situation, you now begin to sit in a space of non-reaction. The more peace you access from within, the more peaceful your life can become. You bring yourself back to the present moment and it’s in the ‘moment’ that you can begin to let go of the past and any pain it carried with it. You finally see things more clearly and a true sense of wellbeing emerges. What you also begin to notice is that calm breeds calm. It can ripple out to everyone else is around you, somewhat like a dominoes effect. Now that’s got to be a good thing!

Author's Bio: 

Chiara has been practicing Natural Therapies for many years and is a qualified Reiki/Seichim Master, Metaphysical Counsellor and Author. She is also a qualified Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapist and has a degree in Energetic healing. Chiara fully understands the importance of balancing Mind, Body and Spirit and is dedicated to assist people in accessing true inner peace.

She currently works as a Reiki/Seichim Master and Counsellor, practicing and teaching these healing modalities as well as Meditation. Her aim is to help others live more of who they truly are in good health and joy.

Day to day life can often bring with it pain and stress. Chiara, through her work and writings, assists others by teaching how to interpret body pain and the ways in which to relieve it. She is able to share her knowledge and help awaken people to their power. Both her written and spoken word allows others to properly digest what is being said, helping them to relate it to their own lives. Chiara offers ways in which to change what is no longer working, and so live a happier, healthier and more stress free life. Visit her online at Chiara.com or email luv_n_lyt@yahoo.com.au