Love is in the air, so they say. And love is also in a person’s body language. You know… The way people act or the way their eyes seem to shine? The way something’s different about their smiles and the way their whole face brightens up? Believe it or not, people reveal it in their body language when falling in love.

Learning how to decipher body language signs when falling in love allows you to see through a person’s intentions and feelings. No longer will you have to suffer false interpretations of other people’s affections; and no longer will you have to make the mistake of sending out the wrong signals.

1) The Leaning Thing

People who are in love with you tend to want to become closer to you. Not just emotionally, but also physically as well. A lot of people call this “leaning.”

It can range from standing closer to another person or just plain sitting next to each other. If you want to observe body language when falling in love, then this would be the simplest way to start.

2) Body Pointing Towards You

When a person’s body is turned towards you, then that can be a sign of attraction. When you’re having lunch or a conversation with someone you like, notice the way his or her body is angled. Check to see which direction his or her feet are facing. If they are facing you, then relish in this unconscious sign of affection.

3) A Certain Glow

People who are in love have a certain glow about them. It’s not something that’s really visible; and if you’re not observant enough, you might miss it.

This certain glow is caused by an internal happiness. If you’re happy on the inside, you can’t help, but show it on your face. Your eyes might smile more or hold a certain sparkle. You tend to smile more as well.

People don’t realize that their body language when falling in love gives away their affections easily to those with a discerning eye. However, this is also what makes falling in love so wonderful. It has the ability to transform people.

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