A Proven Method for Moving Your Business Forward

“The Chic Entrepreneur” is a step by step guide for developing an effective successful company. Elizabeth Gordon offers invaluable advice on attaining success in business. She presents a proven formula for building individual and financial independence through professionalism, integrity, and hard work coupled with a unique value to the market, a strategic plan.

The book is user friendly and eye appealing. The format is designed with the reader in mind. The practical principles are presented in case studies using illustrations which detail the processes for setting up new companies. These case studies introduce parallel start up approaches. People like Don and Donna exemplify the right and wrong approaches to starting out in their new businesses. Elizabeth also presents persuasive assessments of well known dynamic businesses like Google, Nordstrom, and Whole Foods.

I especially appreciated the thought provoking questions and exercises for determining and implementing the action steps which accompany the chapter. Man insights and tips are presented as side bars for special emphasis throughout the narrative to reinforce the techniques and success qualities essential for building a fast growing profitable business.

Elizabeth Gordon brings fresh perspectives and a proven formula for successful entrepreneurship. She has a passion for helping others succeed. Her own successes in business, economics, and marketing qualify well qualified, trustworthy, and authoritative in writing this book. The last chapter titled “The Chic Message” contains a “Flourishing Business Methodology” chart which is worth the price of the book.

“The Chick Entrepreneur” is entertaining, absorbing and practicable.

Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

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Finance Director, Redwood Chapel Community Church,Castro Valley, CAllifornia. Owner Family Book Center, San Leandro, California