Books are powerful. They contain the condensed wisdom and skill of the brightest minds in the world. When you read a book at the right time in your life if it is the right can literally transform your life.

The right book can put you on the path to success or help you to cope with the every day stresses of your life. Never under estimate the power of books.

Books are accelerators of success.

Reading can also be a source of great hope, giving you ideas and inspiration that will motivate you to accomplish great things. Reading true life rags-to-riches stories about famous people will teach how they overcame their struggles. These stories of success inspire us to realize our own potential.

Have you ever read a book that helped you improve a personal relationship or your job performance or helped you to discover or strengthen a talent ?

Books help you to uncover answers to your questions. Books guide you on your journey of knowledge and offer the proven methods to help you achieve what you've always wanted.

How much is a good book worth?

A book might be inexpensive, but what kind of a value would you place on the time spent reading a special book to a special child ? I remember the times when I would crawl into bed next to my son and read him a favorite bedtime story. My son developed such a love for books, that he actually wrote a school play in the 4th grade about Thomas Edison.

Has a family member, friend or business associate ever encouraged you to read a book ? If so, you were probably glad that they did. Such is the world of books. They're part of our culture, part of our every day lives. Some people can't survive without books.

Books are relievers of stress.

Reading a good novel or story will open a window and give you a view of things you never dreamed possible. Reading can help us to accomplish truly amazing things and at the same time is one of the best ways to reduce your stress level and can even help you by gaining the knowledge you need to solve problems.

Have you ever read a spiritual book that enabled you to feel inner peace during a difficult time in your life ? This is an example of the right book at the right time and you can't put a price tag on that. Well-written words, whether it be a mystery thriller or a comic novel, or any topic you choose, will almost always transport you away from anxieties and frustrations. It allows your imagination to run free and leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

What value would you place on being able to curl up on the couch with a good novel and distract yourself for a few hours from the pressure of every day life ? You put the rest of the world and all its problems out of your mind for a while as you are taken to distant places to learn about different time periods, and to allow yourself to consider new ideas and philosophies.

In the long run, it doesn't matter what you read but how much you read. The more you read, the more you will want to read because you will quickly discover the short and long term benefits of stress reduction in your life. The lessons of a lifetime of learning and success can be transferred from the pages of a book to your heart, mind and soul in a few short hours.

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