Do you know of anything in life that is NOT at its best when it is balanced and harmonized? The brain and the body that it drives are no exception. If you have ever driven an automobile which had one or more tires greatly out of balance, you know the shimmy and shake that the out-of-balance condition can produce. It is no different in life when the brain has one or more of its areas out of balance.

Brain balance and harmony is the first step to well being and optimization. Balance in the brain, is subsequently followed by balance in the body. The condition of balance and harmony for the brain is known as homeostasis. It is a “level playing field” for your brain to respond to thinking, feeling, and healing your body in an optimized state. Your brain acts as the hub of the wheel, your nervous system the spokes and your body the rim. When the hub is out of balance everything else suffers.

What is Brain State Conditioning?

Brain State Conditioning™ is an individually tailored process of balancing and harmonizing the brain. Brain function is manifested in electromagnetic energy which can be captured by detecting it or listening to it without being invasive. Brain energy can be detected from the outer scalp at specific points on the head using Intellectrodes™. Ultimately, this process produces personalized exercises to balance and optimize your brain.

A client reported this:

"Even though I very reluctantly went to BrainStateBalance, I immediately began to feel changes. BrainState gave me the mental strength and wellbeing to fight through the P.T.S. I had from being a surviror of the Asian Tsunami; forgive myself for actually living while countless died; lifted my confidence and helped me fight off depression. I opened up my baggage and began to sift through, throwing things out that were of no use to me and confronting things that I let hold myself from growing. I actually began to like life and myself again. Thank you so much BrainState! You helped me to regain myself."
A. Robins, Sacramento CA

FREE 20 minute Brain Massage

Our office is located in the Bay Area of Northern California in the small coastal town, Pacifica. Conveniently situated just 15-20 minutes south of San Francisco and SFO, right off Hiway 1 with plenty of free parking. We also work out of Prana Urban Healing Lounge right in San Francisco, a couple days a week.

Give us a call at 650-557-1559 and we'll schedule you for a FREE 20 minute brain massage. You can experience Brain State Conditioning™ and have your questions answered. We would really be happy to meet you.

Author's Bio: 

Thea Fandel received training in Classical Chinese Herbology from the Foundation of Tao under the direction of Dr. Stephen T. Chang. Utilizing her Clinical Hypnotherapy certification from the American Council of Hypnotist Examiner lead to training in Reconnective Healing® with Dr. Eric Pearl. The benefit of all of these modalities comes together and is enhanced through her application of Brain State Conditioning™; in turn, benefiting everyone she works with.

Greg Fandel, co-author and for the past ten years co-creator with Dr. William A Tiller ( researching how intention influences physical reality. Integrating his 35 year meditation practice, intention research and 22 year Siddha Yoga experience into assisting clients achieve balance as a BST certified brain trainer, utilizing Brain State Conditioning™.