Breaking the chain of low self-esteem need not be an exercise in futility. Despite the fact that it seems like a Herculean task, because the state of self-loathing and insecurity colors one's world in bleak shades of gray, breaking the chain of low self-esteem is actually an easy endeavor that starts with one step.

No matter how difficult that first step is, once it's done, you would be on your road to a better you.

Self-worth is a crucial part of a person's psyche. If one's self-respect is in dire straits, his or her productivity, outlook in life, and just about everything in his/her life would be affected. This bondage must be broken.

Most men in the corporate world respond to their achievements being praised. Most women, on the other hand, bank their self-esteem on their physical beauty or whether they are lovable.

Whether you are an adult needing your sense of worth fixed, or a teenager who is in search of your identity, a sound self-esteem is very important. Here are some great tips to get you moving.

1. Find out the root cause of your low self-esteem.

Usually, the root comes from how they and their families interacted. Once you find out about where your low self-esteem comes from, you can now move on to the next step.

2. Go through the process of coming to terms with your inner conflicts.

When you learn how you became the insecure person that you are, go through the process of coming to terms with your inner conflicts. Face your fears head-on. Admitting and accepting that you are a wounded person is very important.

3. Decide not to live like a victim.

When you decide to start healing, now starts the real meat of the journey. You have to constantly decide not to live like a victim, to choose not to see that the world is out to offend you. Let the offenses slide; let the pain slide.

Just acknowledge that people have hurt or offended you, then move on and focus back to your life. Remember that how you perceive life is a matter of choosing the thoughts you subscribe to.

When you do decide to stop believing and living like a victim, reinforce it. Instead of telling yourself that you are ugly, or believing when your boss tells you how incompetent you are, confront yourself with the facts.

Does the mirror say you look like Quasimodo? For an objective assessment, find a friend who loves you and believes in you. Are you truly incompetent? Get a measurable yardstick. How much output can you make in a week? Does it confirm to your so-called "incompetence"?

This life is not meant to be lived in the dumps. Stick to reality, come to grips with the past, walk on, and succeed in breaking the chain of low self-esteem.

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