Breast Cancer, the Positives

As a woman, I just wanted to call in and say what a blessing you are. For taking such a tragic event that happened to you and your family and turning it into something that is a gift for all women, I cannot thank you enough.

A Promise Fulfilled One Couple’s Journey through Misdiagnosis, Breast Cancer/Advocacy

William C.Thiel

February 23, 2008

Maureen’s breast cancer, her nightmare, our education? How have we learned? What are the positives of anyone living or dying with breast cancer? Maureen taught me how to love, to live. She taught me “life” even more, with breast cancer. Courage, strength and wisdom are next. Then she taught me the value of life with her death. She taught me how to die!
She taught me breast cancer is not a death sentence if caught early in many cases. She taught me delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis, breeds serious and most often, lethal outcomes. She taught me how to save another women’s life with just her story.
The day of diagnosis would change our lives forever. Erik and Ryan, our sons, would never be the same. Their paths would end up as the residual effects on children when their mom is killed by medical error, as if breast cancer was not enough! They never understand. First it is breast cancer that takes away their mom at 43, they were 10 and 11. Then 6 years after Maureen’s death, the truth is told. Proven without doubt, there is a good chance her death could have been prevented, she was denied an early correct diagnosis, as are so many other women are. Their chances to fight and beat their breast cancer, in its earliest stages are taken away. Their best chance to fight, and beat their disease.
The truth, Maureen already knew, she made her husband promise her to tell her story weeks before she died. She left a goodbye tape that I found weeks after she died. A video was made where she warns every woman.
I can accept Maureen died of breast cancer but I can NEVER accept she was misdiagnosed or any other women. I learned how to take a terrible, tragic, life altering event, and turn it into a positive, finding the women that are on the same path as Maureen. They were told they did not have breast cancer, but they do! Maureen was told she did not have breast cancer for two and a half years. Even after multiple mammograms and ultrasounds, and different doctors, told her that her lump was nothing to worry about. The fourth opinion told her she would not live two more years, she only lived 15 more months after her correct diagnosis, she died a horrible death. If you are a women, how would feel! A little angry? What would you do as a husband?
I have found out the real reasons how easy it is for any women to be misdiagnosed, thousands of women have died just like Maureen before her and thousands will follow. Maureen knew it, she makes it very clear in Maureen’s Goodbye Tape at her web site, www.maureensmission.org Maureen tells you what she would have done with her life if she lives. She knew her story alone would save lives.
I have kept my promise, for over 10 years now, fighting for every woman and their families. Helping anyway I can. Going back to the beginning and walking the same path as Maureen did, with others, all the way to death. I will do this until changes are made to prevent misdiagnosis. Or at the very least, ensuring that every women, through legislation, be educated on delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis of a breast lump when first diagnosed with any breast abnormality, thus creating awareness about this silent killer.. I have wrote a book, “A Promise Fulfilled”, One Couple’s Journey Through Misdiagnosis. Breast Cancer/Advocacy, I wrote this so every woman and their loved ones, would never let this happen to them. My profits from the book will go to my advocacy work, Maureens Mission, saving lives through education.

Author's Bio: 

Husband, best friend, soulmate and caregiver to Maureen Thiel, who lost her battle to breast cancer due to delayed diagnosis and misdiagnosis of her breast lump. I am a Patient Advocate. Maureens story was chose as the pilot story for a new web site being launched nationally and tv series, Misdiagnosed, produced and hosted by Doctor Cari Oliver and Rick Leed, who produced Home Improvement with Tim Allen.