Breath= Energy:

Energy is becoming more and more priceless in our awareness. When we say energy we usually think of utilities and what we need to drive these machines we are so dependent on. What are the sources of that power? First we think oil or coal, now water is the next power resource we will see being challenged in terms of scarcity and who controls it. Yet we have something that is more priceless to hueman life even more priceless than water or oil. Yes our breath.

When was the last time you paid attention to yours? Did you notice when you are upset what happens to it? Basically it runs away from you. Truthfully you squeeze it out, refuse it space in your body or consciousness. Just notice anger and your breath is held in and a match lit to it. Combustible. Or how about when you sit in front of your computer working, working, do you forget to breathe?

It is more essential to us than water, more precious than diamonds and yet we forget about it. It is the best way to detoxify your body. The best way to wake yourself up or a different type of breath will aid your sleep. The real question is do you want to learn how to breathe? Do you want to learn breaths that work for all occasions? Are you ready to be a real hueman being and expand your hue?

We are so steeped in convenience and the ability to buy almost anything yet you can’t buy breath. You can’t even buy the ability to breath properly. Yet I’m going to give you this priceless way to connect to your breath. Try this.

Lie down on your back and put your arms straight out behind your head palms up try to let them rest on the ground. Stretch your legs out straight if you need a pillow under your knees then put one there it will take the pressure off the lower back without you bending your knees. Now stretch the hands towards the back wall and the feet towards the wall infront of you. Totally stretch and then put one hand over your diaphragm, high up where your hand fits between the rib cage. Then breathe in and allow the diaphragm expand into your hand, exhale and allow the diaphragm to sink in. Do this for 90 seconds. Then start to increase the pace of the breath without sacrificing the movement of the diaphragm. For the next 90seconds allow the breath to be a fast and easy as possible. At first this won’t feel easy but it will get to easy with practice. This breath is called Breath of fire.

What are the benefits of this breath? It opens your diaphragm, gives you more energy, release old emotions, help circulation, and much more. Do it first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. Do it when you are exhausted during the day or frustrated by something that is happening. You will be able to do it sitting in your car or at your desk after you practice it a few times on your back. It helps release and reconnect you to you.

Lets do one for relaxation shall we. This is one of my favorites. “O” breathe. Just make an “O” out of your mouth. A tight “O” and then inhale and exhale through the mouth without letting go of the “O”. This breath is calming and cooling like a cool drink of water only it is a cool drink of oxygen. We call Breath prana or life force. I always say life force or a forced life. This is great to do when upset, before bed or instead of a chill pill. CALMING!

There are so many breaths but try these two and make friends with them and then I will be back with more goodies for you. You have to practice these and make them your friends first otherwise they will leave you. Do it, do it now. Enjoy! Have Fun! Share them.

Author's Bio: 

Recognized worldwide as a Master Yoga Instructor, Gurutej is first and foremost, wholeheartedly committed to rousing community outreach and responding to philanthropic causes. She has sponsored programs to feed the homeless at a Los Angeles area missions, teaches weekly yoga classes at Hamilton High School, (whose diverse student population has to wait almost a year before they move far enough up the list to get into her class), and services her community in many untold ways.