A corporate brand is a proprietary visual, emotional, and cultural image surrounding a company and/or its products. Corporate branding and identity development is one of the most important investments a company can make. OEM has taken the plunge and has made a commitment to re-introducing and re-branding the OEM Lean 101online course. The re-branded course will debut November 2007.

OEM Lean101On-Line makes its re-launch and re-branding debut within the continued boom in the manufacturing industry in Western Canada. Jason Meyers, Senior Vice President and Chief Economist, CEM wrote the report Manufacturing in Canada, The Lean Challenge which sites "manufacturing as the single largest business sector in Canada which directly accounts for 17% of Canada's GDP.”

Every business has a story; the only question is whether it is being told. For some it's a colorful historical story about the founder or the location. For others it's the story behind the development of the product or service your business offers, or perhaps it's the experience you create for your customers. All of these stories are important because they position the business in the mind of current and potential customers and the overall marketplace. As OEM launches its newsletter, the OEM Lean101On-Line course, the OEM SharePoint community, and continues to educate businesses through the introduction and implementation of Lean Principles, they will begin to also share with you the importance of brand through their innovation and creativity. This ultimately provides opportunities for you to assess whether you need to revisit your business’s branding. What is your story and is it being told?

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bcad Group's marketing and communications specializes in unique solutions dedicated to building and creating brands. We believe business strategy is marketing strategy. Our job as a marketing group is to connect. We want to work with our partners to build marketing and branding practices around ideas that drive business opportunitites. By working with our business partners sharing risk and reward, we strive to bring cultural insights, communication processes and products together with an entrepreneurial vision while manufacturing expertise, distribution might and R&D skills to develop a business idea. Ultimately we are building upon ideas and creating the channels, the strategy and the pathways to fortify relationships with each and every person in a way that is meaningful and mindful of how they live their lives.

Nicole’s PR, marketing and communications experience and expertise is focused around brand development. She produces memorable (WOW! Comment from satisfied clients.) projects that assist in growing a brand.

Her passion is rooted in brand strategy development, communications, and marketing program development, competitive analysis, sponsorships, publicity, web-site development and production, events and product launches.

Her flair is in strategy and execution to transform products and services into a powerful brand, to create cohesive objectives to reach target markets and to strategically position the brand in the competitive market place.