Perhaps, you have heard the phrase “May the force be with you” from your favorite Episode of the Star Wars movies. The Star Wars movies explore the power of our choices, the wonder of destiny, and the manifesting power that is in us and all around us. However, what if the force could truly be with in every aspect of your life?

There is a power in us and throughout the Universe that allows us to live abundantly. We can live in wealth, happiness, divine love, optimal health, and peace and order. The beauty is we don’t have to be a Jedi to do it. The force lies within all of us. The force is magnified by our own consciousness. The question is: “how many of us take the time to tap into this force? How many of us actually know how to use it?”

We are bold enough to watch the Star Wars movies and feel a jolt in side of us each time we see an energy sword light-up we have that same energy. This energy helps us to live in the divine flow of love and devotion, the divine flow of health and wellness, the divine flow of wealth and success, and the divine flow of peace and order. This energy magnifies more and more as we begin to live as our true self. When we live as our true self, we learn how to manifest our true desires and we set our feet on the path of destiny.

We have the power to transform the immaterial to the material. We have the power to transmute a mental thought into a material manifestation that we can hear, touch, and see. This power give us the ability to create the life we want to live.

When you harness this power, the force will be with you. You will live in true abundance. In the next, 20 years when a new Star Wars movie enters production, you can be basking in years of joy, living as your True Self, and manifesting your True desires.

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