Tired of spending your hard earned cash on things that aren’t making you feel any better? Wish there was an easy way to renew your health and vitality without taking extra time out of your already jam packed schedule? Would you like to have more energy to enjoy your life better?

Living life with “Virtue Energy” makes you feel better.

You only feel as good as your organs. Specifically I’m talking about your kidneys, liver, heart, spleen/stomach/pancreas, and lungs. Every one of these precious organs has a vital function in creating your health and vitality.

Following Five Element Logic -- borrowed from a Chinese Medicine model -- your organs are dragged down by negative energy and restored to health with “Virtue Energy”. Forgetting the Chinese Five Element model for a moment … that just makes sense doesn’t it?

Negative Energy drags you down.

Fear ? Anger ? Hatred ? Worry ? Sadness

Please understand this article is not about blaming or shaming you. Negative emotions are a natural and normal part of life. And it’s vital to your health to express your emotions appropriately.

Problems come when you get stuck in a repeating loop of negativity. The good news is … there’s a “Virtue Energy” antidote for each emotional quagmire.

Kidneys: Your kidneys filter body fluids saving what can be recycled and eliminating what’s not good for you. Kidney strength is defeated by fear. What’s not scary about living in the world today? If your eyes are open you know we’re tottering on the brink of natural disasters and currently in the dregs of big financial trouble worldwide.

Liver: Your liver neutralizes poisons you’re exposed to on a daily basis from the environment and possibly from within your own system if it’s out of kilter. If your liver’s stuffed with anger it can’t do its job. I’ve read that if you’re angry for more than 3 seconds it’s hooked to some upset from your past.

Heart: Your heart pumps life giving blood everywhere in your body plus takes away waste products from day to day functions of your cells. Heart attacks are still the number one killer. Hatred, hastiness, impatience, and acting with disrespect stabs you in the heart. What’s particularly bad is when you direct those emotions towards yourself.

Spleen/Stomach/Pancreas: Your spleen is a blood cell processing plant. It recycles old cells and makes new ones that protect you against GERMS! If your stomach’s stressed out, your entire GI tract is knocked “out of order”. And your pancreas manages your blood sugar levels. Worry, jealousy, and fretting gunk up the works in your spleen, stomach, and pancreas.

Lungs: Sadness and grief weigh down your lungs. Your lungs must expand fully to suck in all the oxygen you need from the air. That oxygen latches onto your red blood cells for delivery to your cells so they have the energy they need to keep you alive and thriving.

Virtue Energy neutralizes negative emotions.

Gentleness ? Kindness ? Love ? Sweetness ? Courage

Can you remember how good it felt the last time you did something to help someone else? That’s the kind of goodness “Virtue Energy” brings to you. I encourage you to start with yourself first. Women especially are raised to think about everybody else before themselves. That’s not only bad for your health it sets a bad example for children.

Gentleness sooths your kidneys. Let the fear of living in these times flow down your legs into the ground to be composted by the earth. Then allow gentleness to rise up and take its place, rejuvenating both kidneys that live in your back between the top of your hips and the bottom of your ribs. You can do this anytime but an especially good time is when you’re walking. Breathe out the fear for 4 steps and breathe in gentleness for 4 steps.

Kindness neutralizes anger and protects your liver. Next time you’re angry let go of the past and follow the 3 second rule. If you’re angry at someone else, after 3 seconds look them in the eye, tell them you’re practicing “Virtue Energy” and that you’re going to let go of your anger. See what good comes of that. If you’re angry at yourself acknowledge that you’re letting go of your anger to create a better outcome next time this comes up.

Love softens stuck energy in your heart. A coroner I know of who does autopsies said the hearts of people who died from heart attacks looked liked cooked meat instead of vital, healthy muscle. Hatred, hastiness, impatience, and disrespect cause tightness in your chest and raise heat, cooking your heart muscle. Bring your heart back to nourishing warmth by opening up to a feeling of love instead.

Sweetness is a quality often thought of in small children (when they’re not misbehaving). Children who are well cared for have no troubles to worry about. The teacher, Jesus, said to enter the Kingdom of God you must be like a child. The next time you’re fretting and gripped by worry slip into a childlike sweetness and hand over your problem(s) to a higher power or to your higher self. Miracles do happen.

Courage fortifies your lungs and dispels sadness. Sadness makes you retreat into darkness. Courage brings you into the present to overcome problems. Broaden your chest. Make firm your stance. And let courage steel your body calling forth your inner “Wonder Woman” who has the power to defeat grief and sadness. You can do it!

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Dr. Linda Berry has been helping people find their way back … to when they really felt good for a quarter of a century. She knows how because at the age of 24 she was paralyzed from the waist down from an automobile accident. Before that Dr. Berry was a dancer, choreographer, and a purple belt in Karate. Dr. Berry rose up from her wheelchair to become a chiropractor, nutritionist, and trauma healing specialist. Her book Internal Cleansing has been in print for 23 years. For more information visit DrLindaBerry.com