Do you wonder how self-esteem and chores fit together? Do your children play outside, watch TV, or play computer games while you do their tasks? Look inside to learn how giving children a list of chores builds their self-esteem.

Childhood Wisdom:

Amy’s mom was going to clean the car she borrowed from her mother. She asked Amy to help her. Amy said, “No, Mom, she’s your mother, and she’ll clean up after you like you clean up after me.” – Kidwarmer

This comment hit home. Amy’s mom realized she was doing too much for Amy just like her mother did too much for her.

It’s never fun cleaning up after someone, especially your kids. Please realize you don’t have to do all the housework. It’s good for your kids to do chores too.

Chores teach your kids responsibility, competence, and independence. Chores give your kids the good feelings of know-how, dependability, and teamwork. Here are some age-appropriate chores to teach your kids.

10 Chores Your Elementary School Children Can Do:

Sweep kitchen, bathroom, and front entrance
Get mail
Clean bedroom
Help fix meals
Put clean laundry away
Clean bedroom
Clean kitchen sink
Clean kitchen counters
Help put groceries away
Clean kitty litter

When my boys were nine, they washed their own clothes, folded their laundry, took out the garbage, and loaded and unloaded the dishwasher. They didn’t always want to. Sometimes they grumbled. But they felt proud knowing they could fix a salad, do their laundry, and bake chocolate chip cookies.

Now they have families of their own. Their wives are grateful they pitch in and do their part.

Self-Esteem and Chores Summary:

Use the above chores as examples. If your home has different household needs, feel free to choose different chores. Just make sure they are age-appropriate.

After you’ve taught a new task, expect your children to make that chore a habit. For example, once they know how to make the bed, they should make it every day.

Be kind and firm about doing chores. Being unkind lowers self-esteem and creates rebellion. Being kind involves your patience, your willingness to take the time to teach, and your insistence they do their chores before they play. It’s important to praise what is done well too.

Listen, if your children do their chores, you’ll save yourself loads of time and work. Everybody wins.

One more thing, you’ll never hear your child say, “No, Mom, she’s your mother, and she’ll clean up after you like you clean up after me.”

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