To understand bodybuilding is to truly understand what building a body is all about. To most individuals, this is a goal that is usually set to obtain results in a short time frame, but, in actuality, this should be a way of life that can only be accomplished by setting realistic long-term goals in strength and fitness training. To transform a body is one of the most beautiful gifts we can offer ourselves. You see people wearing clothing to exhibit self-expression, but we should wear our bodies in the same manner. After all, how we take care of ourselves is usually an indication of who we are deep down.

We won't discuss bodybuilding in the usual sense; rather, we'll focus on the idea that it is the action of strengthening and building a body. In bodybuilding, we try to build bodies to their maximum potential, leaving no room for error. Surpassing levels to transform our bodies helps reach what is called the playing field level, but everyone's strength and fitness training levels are different. Once you make it to the gym, what can you do to fuel your workout the right way?

Guidelines for Enhanced Strength and Fitness Training

We believe in basic detail because, as we began to fit the pieces of the puzzle for our own bodies, we realize that there is no room for blank spaces. A blank space says nothing. Therefore, no muscle should be ignored when building a body. After all, it's your choice as to what level you want to take it to.

  • Unrealistic goals: Make your strength and fitness training goals achievable but not easy. Setting goals that are impossible will discourage you from finishing your workouts or building the body you dream of. Try not to be persuaded by catchy ad gimmicks on TV that want you to think that building a body and muscle are things that happen overnight.
  • Stay on track: Keep a journal of your daily food and drink intake so you can accurately chart the calories and fat you consume each day. This consistent reminder will help keep you in control while on your strength and fitness training program as well as help you avoid common pitfalls of many diets. Most importantly, stay hydrated! Keep bottled water at your desk, in your car, and in your gym bag. Drink cold, iced water before lunch and dinner. Experts agree that drinking water alone can help keep off the pounds and increase your body's maximum potential during a workout.
  • Listen to those in the know: As much as you may want to ignore the fitness professionals, they know a thing or two about staying healthy and building a body the right way. Consulting your physician beforehand is a good idea in addition to speaking with the fitness pros at your gym. Let them help you understand the mechanics of building a body and choose a strength and fitness training program that works for you.
  • Stretching: This is one of those activities that people often forget to do before or after a strength and fitness training routine. Stretching, however, keeps your arms, legs, and body limber and ready to be transformed. Effective stretching techniques will help you in the long run as they prevent common injuries associated with vigorous exercise or your strength and fitness training program.
  • Choose the right weight size: When you've just begun working out, the gym can be a little overwhelming. Every machine has a certain weight option, and as far as lifting free-standing weights - it's anyone's guess. You have two options - ask the people at your gym or those who frequently workout for advice or bodybuilding tips. Better yet, try it out yourself but make sure to start with the smallest weight and work your way up to something that's comfortable.
  • Disregard the numbers on the scale: Try not to be concerned about the numbers flashing on the scale. Oftentimes, the number is increased by the weight of muscle mass resulting from effective strength and fitness training and not from fat. If you're still concerned, calculate your body fat percentage to get a better feel for the current state of your body's fat level.

Defining Your Body

You've no doubt noticed the term bodybuilding sprinkled throughout these guidelines, and most likely, you're concerned that we're pushing the envelope by suggesting that everyone have big, bulging muscles. But we see bodybuilding in a different light - you don't have to have huge biceps. You just have to have a passion for building your body, getting in shape, and working out to increase the potential of your body's muscles.

Once you begin your weight, strength, and fitness training program and get started on your goal, always remember that re-shaping your body and life are things you must want. Stay motivated and remain steadfast in your commitment to a healthy, new lifestyle.

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Alan Bailey, a personal fitness instructor at metaMorphixx, has over seven years of experience in bodybuilding and personal training. He brings a variety of experience to the fitness consulting firm in Atlanta, Georgia, including his familiarity with professional bodybuilding techniques. He is a former male model and has been featured in many fitness publications. Bailey believes the secret to staying healthy is first transforming your mind and letting the body follow. For more information on metaMorphixx, please visit