Before I bring you an analysis on Hillary Clinton, our new Secretary of State, I thought it might be fun to see what Sarah Palin holds in her hands.

No matter what you may think of Ms. Palin, she holds up a hand that loves politics - and the spotlight. It's actually quite similar in shape to Hillary Clinton's hands. Her index/pointer finger is tucking in front of her middle finger, indicating that she is not showing her "full hand" in terms of her real political ambitions. She wants more power but is playing it cool.

Her thumb bends at the top joint toward the palm, indicating that Palin is a traditionalist with nostalgic notions of how life used to be (and how she thinks it should be again).

Palin possesses a large mount of Venus, like McCain and Obama, so her lust for life is also very large. This large mount of Venus coupled with her long ring finger indicates that she is physically attractive and a 'beauty queen' type. We know this of course, from her bio, but I can identify this beauty trait from the hands without ever seeing the person. This is the hand of a physically attractive person.

She is good-natured as evidenced by the pink color of her skin.

The large Mount of Jupiter under her pointer finger indicates she is drawn to leadership roles. Compared with Obama and McCain, Palin is the most natural for "living in the spotlight." The spotlight loves her, whether it's television, politics or the movies.

Despite the election loss, I suspect that Sarah Palin will be in the spotlight for many, many years to come.

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