Foreward written by Lou Holtz for Gary Bergenske's book "Campaign to be a Better Leader."

When this book, “Campaign to be a Better Leader,” was written I didn't know much about the author, Gary Bergenske. We had a mutual friend who asked me to write the forward for this book. My first reaction was, “No. I am too busy, I don't know the author well enough, and it would be unfair to his readers and his book for me to even consider it.”

Our mutual friend was quite persistent and began to enumerate about the great qualities of Gary as a businessman, a father, a husband, a member of the Board of Directors for Shriners Hospitals, and overall as a good person. It was obvious our mutual friend would not take no for an answer. I thought if he believed in Gary that much the least I could do was read it and then make a decision. In other words, this would give me a legitimate reason to say no. But, I could rationalize to myself that I based my decision on the content of the book and not on my schedule.

I received a rough draft of the book and read it. As I worked my way through the book my attitude changed as I became aware that the contents of the book could be of great value to its readers. In the book, Gary enumerates on the lessons of leadership he learned and experienced as a leader of his successful company, J & J Metro Moving and Storage Co., a motivational speaker, one of the leaders of the Shriners, a husband, and a father of six children 20-30 years of age.

Because you are a president of a company, or a father, does not make you a leader. The other day, my wife asked “Are you born a leader or is that a trait that can be learned?” Without hesitation I said “Anyone can learn to become a leader.” This book will show you how to become a leader.

Gary will expand upon the ten steps you need to work on to become a better leader. I like to think I am a leader. However, as I was reading this book, I often found myself saying “I wish I had known this 30 years ago.” There is no doubt in my mind that Gary’s book caused me to think how I could have been a better leader.

His book covers such salient points as you must make a commitment to being a leader, believe in yourself and your team, strive for excellence, get the most out of your team, communicate, be persistent, embrace changes, act to get people to work together, and many other valuable traits a leader must possess.

I personally found the book to be well-written, easy to read and understand, and filled with a ton of information.

One last thought before you read this book - get a pencil and notepad as I am certain you will take many notes. Enjoy the book and congratulations on taking an important step to being a better leader. Oh, by the way, you may want to pack a snack as you will have trouble putting the book down.

Lou Holtz
ESPN Studio Analyst
Former NCAA College Football Head Coach
Former New York Jets Head Coach

Author's Bio: 

Gary Bergenske is an author and speaker who speaks on Leadership to audiences of all sizes. In his newest book, "Campaign to be a Better Leader" Coach Lou Holtz writes the Foreward, giving you an insight to the quality of the book.