I went for a wonderful long walk to Bal Harbour shops along the East coast of Miami, which incidentally includes a nudist beach, this morning. It was bright, sunny and warm to the delight of the other walkers, runners, cyclists, beach goers, tramps, and lifeguards. By the time I had arrived at my destination my half a liter bottle of spring water had finished.

After my three and a half miles hike though I decided that a cup of coffee and small snack was a well deserved treat; especially as these shops were out of my reach and class. Café Santa Fe seemed like the best option, so I opted for a small individual spinach quiche and café con lech at US$7. Following this I window shopped at a strolling pace to prepare my return journey.

Some thirty minutes later I decided to leave. I almost opted for a bus, but decided that working off the quiche was the better option. My walk seemed like an eternity, so I began to change my rhythm by walking backwards, cute little side steps just like Chelsea team players in their dynamic training ground in Cobham, Surrey, and I so longed to take the pressure off my legs.

Once the nudist beach had come to an end and the sand got deeper I took the main road walkway running parallel to the beach. Late morning there was no chance of hiding in the shade and the heat was burning me out. Good job I had filled the water bottle from the fountain at Bal Harbour!

My legs were feeling the pain when all of a sudden I looked up and caught the glimpse of a bus-stop in the distance. Then I remembered the local community council had recently updated the bus stop with high grade cast iron benches and sunshades. It was sheer delight to be arriving at this bus stop!

Momentarily I cautioned my approach as a frail lady sat occupying the mid section of the bench, but as I got closer she moved over and when I sat she asked me if buses were coming. She wasn’t sure because road bollards had been placed on the road in front. I replied, yes I think so, and then seconds later a bus came.

I stopped the bus, helped the old lady who had difficulty stepping off the walkway onto the road to reach the bus, and then helped her get on. That was it, but walking away I felt tremendous satisfaction that I had contributed to help someone else from goodwill. Have you done your good deed for today?

Remember this: life is a balanced support system that responds to each ones action. It has a choice: if you give to others you will receive. If you take; you will have to give back. And then if you do nothing either way so be it. There might not be any scientific evidence to suggest that what I am writing is factual; be warned!

However, based on my diverse lifelong experiences I believe balance is the key. I’ll give you an example in a moment, but first factual evidence supports what goes up must come down; unless something is supporting it from coming down! The same goes when life coaches say thinking positively contributes to a positive outcome. Now turn it for a moment and you’ll start to see the picture; think negatively and the probability for some reason is against you. That’s not always the case, but generally we are attracting negative and positive forces.

Moving forward, and before I forget to mention to those who don’t know me very well, I failed to pass any qualifications at high school; you’d be correct if you said who are you to be preaching. But that isn’t my aim – the truth is I’m trying to relate my life, so you can take note of what you consider beneficial, and what doesn’t click, well you should not take a blind bit of notice from it.

I believe we all have a mission. Most of us haven’t got a clue what it is while there are some who sincerely believe they have a specific purpose in world evolution. Take Pele (the world’s greatest football player ever), he has a mission whether he knows it or not; youngsters, amateurs and professionals are inspired by his talent and this in turn helps promote the game and its entertainment value.

Now I’m not saying everyone gets it right straight away. It took Pele years of street training from a very young age, this eventually paid off. In other cases in can all be done in vein, but if for example, I don’t try to accomplish something then I will never know the outcome, will I?

So that being said, and going back to my original question can contributing to others help you? Every positive contribution you make to society has an outcome, so I’ll let you think about that one. You can ignore my message, or you can use it to enhance the quality of your life.

Good luck whatever you decide!

Author's Bio: 

England’s Carl Boniface has many talents from self growth. He is a self starter, international business executive and motivation specialist. Having developed international businesses from several continents he has turned his attention to the all important teenage student education field by creating and directing StudentsRatings.com, a non-profit run website.

Plagued by his own incompetence at school and leaving early without any qualifications he turned toward self development as the best method to fulfill his desires. Having studied for 20 years with the best coaches such as Zig Ziglar, Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, and Randy Gage to name just a few he has widened his knowledge and abilities to help others.

Having hands on experience and life skills it has enabled him to understand just how important it is to make the most of those high school years. As Carl likes to point out, it’s never too late to change from putting your feet up - his own trait at school. And as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the famous author of Sherlock Holmes wrote, “A change is as good as a rest.”