Those of you that are familiar with the pet rock craze of the 1970’s will probably need glasses to read this article.

At the time an advertising executive named Gary Dahl bought ordinary gray stones at a builders’ supply store and marketed them as real pets, complete with a manual on how to teach the pet rock to do some tricks – apparently “sit” was quite easy, “roll over” required some assistance from the trainer, and potty-training was quite a challenge.

Is it coincidence that later in the 1970’s, magnificent crystal skulls were tested by the computer company Hewlett Packard? The researchers already knew that unlike other materials, rock crystal has an amazing ability to hold electrical energy, potentially a form of information, under control and send out electrical impulses or vibrating waves of information.

It was estimated that it took about 150 years to sculpt each one of these crystal skulls using no tools, and only human hair and grains of sand of different sizes. According to the scientists, these skulls could be dated as far back as the beginning of time, whenever that was.

I have long been fascinated by the crystal skulls that are often found in new age shops. Years ago I read about the practice of the Knights Templar and early medieval communities that related to head worship. In earlier times human heads had three significant meanings. First some heads were worshipped as part of honouring the dead – legend has it that this was what the Knights Templar did. Then there were those heads that were displayed as a warning to those that considered breaking the rules (their heads would also roll). Lastly heads were displayed as trophies by warriors.

I thought that the crystal skulls were related to this practice of head worship, but apparently that is not the case at all.

People that have been in the presence of these crystal skulls have had fascinating experiences, including powerful healing and discovering the ability to speak and understand ancient languages. All of the known crystal skulls seem to be powerhouses of information that can be accessed by specific people – not nutcases, but ordinary people with professional reputations as psychics, or ordinary people that discover their extraordinary abilities when they come into contact with the crystal skulls.

And if you think this is all mumbo jumbo, ask yourself how it is possible for you to read this article on your computer screen. Your computer contains a tiny crystal that stores and transmits information – without it, we would never have had contact and you would never have read this.

The scientists at Hewlett Packard tested rock crystal and an entire industry has been built on the attributes of the crystals.

But what about the attributes of other crystals like amethyst, obsidian and the myriad of other crystals that are used in crystal healing? It seems that the power of crystal healing was already known to the ancient Egyptians. I don’t know about research on their healing qualities, but I can tell you that I have had some powerful experiences with various crystals and with healing using crystals.

Some wise person once said that anything new is first ridiculed, then feared, then accepted as par for the course.

If you are interested in crystal skulls and the power of rock crystals, then The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls by Chris Morton and Ceri Louise Thomas is a must read.

Just a word on coincidences – I recently did a survey of spiritual matters and someone asked a question about the year 2012. At the time I was actually reading a book on the Maya calendar and 2012. The next book on my reading list happened to be a book on crystal skulls – which features the Maya and their very strong connection to crystal skulls. I think something is cooking here - I am being led in a specific direction. I wonder?

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Elsabe Smit is the author of the soul-touching collection of short stories, A Tapestry of Life and of the blog, Spiritual interpretations of everyday life.