The age old quest for perfection isn’t really dead, it has just been buried under a mountain of self doubt. Throughout history all of the truly great individuals, from artists to authors, generals to visionaries, and anyone who ever stood out as being the best at what they did, all had one thing in common, they where all just people like the rest of us. So what was it that set them apart from everyone else? It was the ability to overcome their inner fears, whether it was the fear of failure or rejection, they were able to take it out of the equation and make their mark on history. If you have a beautiful singing voice, no one will ever hear it unless you take your songs from the shower to the public. The first step is always the most difficult, you get that strange knot that starts to build in your stomach, a cold sweat and trembling of the hands, and all of this just by thinking about attempting something new.
Picasso and Rembrandt had no idea how the world would perceive their work, yet they did it anyway. And no one can deny how their paintings have withstood the test of time. There was a time when people actually said that if God had meant for man to fly, he would have given him wings. The truth is he gave them intelligence and imagination, so they could design, manufacture, and fly aircraft. From a championship athlete to a researcher developing a new vaccine to help protect mankind, they show an incredible amount of drive to excel in their chosen profession. Ambition, drive and confidence are tools that need to be sharpened and nurtured. Just as a plant requires water to survive, mankind needs that little something extra to propel themselves from the ordinary to the exceptional.
The inner beast we all have raging inside of us has to be trained accordingly and released effectively, not as a purring kitten, but as a roaring lion. Extraordinary circumstances can produce exceptional people, the secret is to be able to emerge from the ordinary and become exceptional. If deep down inside, you really wish to fulfill your dreams, than cast all doubt aside, and pursue them with a vengeance. The absolute worst that could happen would be for you to fail, and failure as we know, is nothing to be afraid of. It is simply a tool, something like a textbook. Used properly it can catapult you to success even faster, for it teaches you where you went wrong.

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Ray Ferguson LMT is a licensed massage therapist, author and online retailer of anti-aging health, wellness and makeup products. He is dedicated to helping others own their own businesses as well as leading happier, healthier lives.