Recently, well over the last couple of months, I have been going to a great gym. Well not exactly a gym but a place called Core Cambridge where I am being helped to regain core stability and a better structure~ regain my way of standing and moving in alignment.

Well bully for you I hear a murmuring!
What's this got to do with what you do here?
I began to compare this with our beliefs. How well are we aligned to who we really are? Do our beliefs support us in the world today and where we want to be? ~ Our standing in our world?
Like core stability is our physical foundation, our core beliefs are our psychological/mental foundation and over time get set in old ways, old patterns.

Before I would go to a chiropractor once a month and be regularly pulled and pushed into some sort of alignment. And as usual it felt nearly great and a little sore. But after a week or so I seemed to be pulled back into old my way with little aches and niggles. Back into that familiar pattern, and while being familiar was not that comfortable. How similar is this to trying to change old beliefs and patterns when we are forced to change without being truly aligned with our unconscious intentions and purpose.

To regain my physical core stability I first had to find what I was doing now with my body and what I wanted to achieve, and be, physically. Then over time I have been stretched and my muscles retrained to fire in a new/old way. To let go of my posture as it is, having being shaped by moving and sitting in ways that create pressure and misalignment. I just hadn't noticed over time how much this had affected me. Initially these new movements seem strange, even uncomfortable yet within a short period of time I began to feel freer (not a proper word but you know what I mean), lighter and to move with more purpose.
How similar this is to changing our old limiting beliefs with the corresponding results. The skills needed to identify the core beliefs that really support us and those that are no longer appropriate and finding new beliefs that empower us to be in alignment with our true purpose are not hard to learn. In fact I have found through NLP, Time Line Therapy and hypnosis this can be a gentle process with no need of drama or reliving of traumatic events. I always am uplifted either when working with a client or in one of our trainings when that ‘A Ha’ moment shows itself and see that potential is uncovered and begins to shine. It’s such a shame that some people believe they cannot change and because of that belief they do not look for a way to make things the way they want them and only find evidence that confirms that too. The Law of Attraction in action but that’s another subject.

I wonder sometimes if you have any beliefs that you notice now that really don't support you and what your potential would realise if you changed them to support what you want and can achieve if you did.

If you were to believe in you...............Do You? What would happen if you did? and if you had my belief that you can believe anything you want to believe in, what will you or could you achieve and enjoy

Author's Bio: 

NLP trainer and Therapist in Brief and lasting change. Mater Practitioner Time Line Therapy and hypnosis. I beleive we really do have unlimited potential and hopefully assist others at our hypnotherapy practice (Mine and two of my sons) and through our NLP trainings (with my youngest son Joseph)