In most cases people can be overwhelmed by the information regarding many subjects on the net as well as all the other forms of media that we hear and see daily.

The question comes to mind can you entertain a new idea? You see in the river of information that comes to us, there is information that has content and some that are vacant of any content. What I believe is that if your reading something that gives you a new idea, can you really entertain that idea, bat it around a bit and see if it works for you.

Many ideas come to us not only from outside ourselves but from inside. Our sixth sense may give us an idea, but do we pay enough attention to it, explore it, and see if it may work in our lives. You see I believe that we deny our divinity to such an extent that we do 2 things when a new idea strikes us, no matter what the source. We first ridicule it, then we oppose it, and we don’t give it much thought after that.

What we need to do is to toss it around in our marvelous minds, think about how you could use this idea, maybe to another area of life, or to our business. As we think about this idea could we make it work for us? Too often we ignore, reject or neglect any idea that comes into our thoughts. We have the most powerful computers in the world in our being, yet we set it aside as if it doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes I wonder why that is? Why is it that we reject thoughts so quickly that come from within?

This is only something that you can answer for yourself. It is some sort of conditioned response because as babies early in life we did not fear any type of exploration. Think about it, as a child we did not fear anything. We had no point of reference to fear. You see fear other than some direct physical threat comes to us through others. People fear that they will get laid off from their jobs. They may not even like their job, but yet feared being laid off for reasons such as they may not be able to find work or they have managed their finances poorly. Yet most people may find even better jobs, if and when they do get laid off.

Why don’t you entertain this idea, ask yourself does my current employment serve me? By this I mean, are you making the money that you want, better yet are you happy at your current employment? What if you decided you are going to change your job? What kind of job do you want? Why would it satisfy? Now take a little time and start toying around with the idea that it is possible to get the idea job and circumstances that you want. Really take some time and focus on just that. Next, really start to dabble, just look around in the paper or surf on the net through the employment sections.

Don’t do this only for one day, try doing this for a couple of weeks, you are just entertaining this idea of changing your employment. I believe that in a few weeks you will start to see some very attractive jobs with great offers. Of course you will now have to entertain the idea of actually sending in a resume to test the waters.
All you are doing is exploring this new idea. Maybe it has never occurred to you that you could transfer to a new job and make more money.

You could start to run the same process with relationships and many other things or areas in your life. It really is that simple. You hear of a certain way of doing something and you sort of start tossing it around. You don’t have to act on it or anything else just let it simmer a bit. Think about the potentials, the possibilities if you were to act on this idea.

We are creative being’s, we thrive on new ideas and the possibilities of their occurrence. That is just who we are. When a new idea comes to mind, why not stop what you normally do, which is to dismiss it, and entertain it for a while. You might just find that somewhere in that construct of the idea that a door will open for you to a completely unknown but adventurous new life.

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