More people now believe that environmental factors can cause cancer. Yet there are others who say that it is difficult to prove the causal-effect link. Virtually any part of your body can turn cancerous. With increasing incidences of cancer, chances are high that you may have cancer or know someone who does or will.

A common question that a doctor may ask you or your loved one who has cancer is whether anyone in your family has it as well. It is said that many types of illnesses, including cancers, can run in families. However, the possibility of environmental toxins causing cancer in you or loved ones is seldom something that most conventional doctors explore. You rarely hear about doctors asking their patients about the environment that they are staying in.

Critics say that even if cancer genes can be inherited, there can still be environmental toxins causing cancer to hit multiple family members. You just need to consider the fact that the affected members of your family in most likelihood grew up in the same environment and are exposed to the same toxic materials or the same polluted air. So, even though it seems genetic, it may also be environmental. There are studies to support this alternative point of view.

A study in 2002 found that women in San Francisco, California had a 1 in 22 chance of getting breast cancer in the 1940's. That risk, as of 2002, was 1 in 8. The study also discovered that since the 1940's, the number of factories and automobiles and other pollutants in California has increased significantly.

At the same time, in 2002, a man named Basil Seggos discovered a huge oil slick in an area of New York City called Greenpoint. After studying the problem, Mr. Seggos found that there were several places in the Greenpoint area where more people were contracting cancer than average. In Greenpoint, at least, it seemed obvious to Mr. Seggos and many of his supporters that environmental toxins were causing cancer.

So if this is the case, you need to be aware about the surrounding toxicity of your environment. If you are exposed to cigarette smoke, use gasoline, clean your house or strip some paint from your walls, be aware that you may be exposed to a known cancer-causing chemical, benzene. It may not be your home but may be your workplace that has benzene or similar cancer-causing chemicals. You would be surprised to find out that even though benzene is a well-regulated and well-documented dangerous chemical, it is still used in many products.

The cases mentioned are not isolated incidents. There have been various reports and studies released on environmental factors causing cancer over the years. Many of them have come from independent groups of activists and scientists. Unfortunately, the government is more reluctant to admit that the problem exists. Critics say that they have billions of dollars at stake
should they do so.

If you have a toxic body, brought about by a surrounding polluted environment, you are bound to get sick. What can be the worst to happen is that you develop terminal cancer. On your own, it pays to do some form of cleansing to help your body in its detoxification. Consume foods that are organic and take on a diet that is rich in fiber and one that aids in cleansing.

Additionally, be aware of your surroundings and your rights. Consult field experts if you need to. You may never know that you or your family member may be entitled to benefits from negligent employers or even the government.

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