Cancer has ravaged our western societies for many decades but there was a time not that long ago when cancer was not a part of our lexicon. Cancer is a man made disease caused by the introduction of toxic carcinogens, chemicals, pesticides, food preservatives and a host of additives.

Carcinogens attack the human cells attaching themselves to DNA and either altering cellular metabolism or the damaging the DMA directly. Normal DNA that is damaged and cannot repair itself leads to ‘programmed cell death’ a process called Biotransformation in which the damaged cells harmlessly become water soluble and are flushed from our body. Sometimes damaged DNA in a cell has no pathway and the cell has no choice but to become cancerous. Cancer tumors are formed when normal biological processes are hindered and the normally aggressive immune system is weak or has been weakened.

Some common carcinogens are tobacco smoke, asbestos (when inhaled), dioxins, radioactive material such as gamma rays, alpha particles (when ingested or inhaled) and x-rays which are highly carcinogenic due their retention in human organs. Also there are many natural carcinogens one being Aflatoxin B. which grows on stored nuts and grains. Another potent carcinogen is formaldehyde, which is used, in embalming and plastic making. In PCV manufacturing vinyl chloride is used which is a strong carcinogen.

Carcinogens are also produced by cooking foods at a very high temperature or by cooking meats until their well done. Some researchers say that the carcinogens present are so minute that they present no health threat. Others especially those in the natural health community say carcinogens in over cooked food do present a significant health threat and do add to cancer growing cells over a period of time.

The human body has a remarkable disposition to ward off disease through our built in immune system but a weakened immune system allows deadly carcinogens to get a foot hold in our cells enabling DNA damage. Acrylamide, a known carcinogen is created in frying or overheating foods such as potato chips, french fries and any other fried foods.

Smoking cigarettes and cigars may cause irreversible damage to human genes. There are over 4,000 chemical compounds, which are toxic to the human body and are carcinogenic. With all the education readily available on how deadly tobacco smoke is one would think smoking related diseases would be eradicated but that is not the case. Smoking still is a serious health problem.

With the advent of processed foods came innumerable additives that are foreign to the human body. Additives that add color or taste to a food and preservatives that unnaturally extend shelf life of processed foods. All man made additives are unnatural and may conflict with natural bodily functions. I won’t bore you with long scientific names, which can easily be found, on any processed food ingredient list. Suffice it to say all processed foods lend it to diminish. health.

Our water supply has been tragically compromised with the addition of chemicals added to the water in the name public health. Chlorine in massive amounts has been added to most public water supplies to kill off harmful germs when ironically it is the chlorine that is adding a foreign chemical in to millions of trusting people. Remember anything that is not natural in origin becomes a potentially dangerous ingredient in the ‘all-natural human body’. The human body reacts positively to natural wholesome foods and natural supplements and negatively to man made stuff that do not have natural ingredients in them.

In addition to harmful and potentially cancer causing preservatives added to food, pesticides and herbicides are liberally used to kill and deter insects and disease in our produce industry. These chemicals are poinsious to human consumption and studies support an increased cancer risk when consumed. As previously stated, any foreign entity introduced into the human body may potentially be harmful and increase cancer risk.

With that in mind one must place pharmaceutical drugs in the category of foreign material. Pharmaceutical drugs are used like eating candy in a brainwashed society. Every pill taken offers a challenge to our immune system and our naturally created normal bodily functions. Pharmaceutical drugs for the most part are a concoction of man made material created to mask the symptoms of a disease, to temporarily eliviate a medical problem. The pill inevitably is time stamped to ‘work’ or be effective for a period of time thus the masking effect wears off and you need to take another pill.

Our brave new world with boundless good intentions has opened up a Pandora’s box of genetic mutants that have cancer-causing implications. We are self-inflicting ourselves with poisons that immeasurably produce a hostile environment for our wondrously created immune system. Cancer in my opinion is a man made creation and could be eliminated if we all insisted, no demanded, that only all natural ingredients be added to our food, water, products, and medicine. Individually you can create your own ‘Cancer Free Zone’ by living ‘all natural’ and allowing your body to function as it was intended; “Free and Clean of Foreign Poisons”.

Author's Bio: 

Gary Kenneth Archer is a natural health advocate dedicated to the naturalist lifestyle, web designer,webmaster,professional woodworker,author and frequent contributer to Healthy Living.