Many of my clients complain of fatigue, excess weight, depression, foggy thinking, indigestion, itching, a craving for sweets and muscle/joint pains. Often in these clients I find a problem with yeast overgrowth. We all have candida yeast in our gut to some extent and when it gets out of control it can become systemic.

Yeast over growth can be stimulated by excess antibiotics, sugar, alcohol, coffee, emotional stress, synthetic hormones, unpurified water, leftovers, and other food and environmental toxins. This is a big one to consider with almost any disease symptoms and often overlooked in diagnosis as are parasites. One way to tell if this is plaguing your system is to do a candida cleanse diet and supplementation to see if you feel better.

Antifungals like Oregano oil, Grapefruit seed extract, Caprylic acid, Garlic, and Berberis Aquifolium are all good for killing off the yeast. Along with high doses of probiotics of lactobacillus and acidophilus to replenish our normal gut flora and a refined carbohydrate, coffee, alcohol and sugar free diet will start you on your way. . For some, these things have to be eliminated completely to get thing under control. For others, moderation is the key, but regardless a diet high in complex carbohydrates and protein is the healthiest. Many health food stores have these products in an antifungal product line that you can choose from. Or you are welcome to contact me for a product to order through my company.

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Dr. Diane Spindler is a Licensed and Certified Traditional Naturopath with a PhD in Nutrition. Her specialties are Blood Chemistry, Hormones, Immune, Neurotransmitter, and Allergy Analysis, Metabolic Balancing, Kinesiology and Iridology. Diane is a doctor that helps people heal themselves. Contact Diane at (303) 697-1736