When you receive the Seal you will find the Wisdom of God beautiful to think about. You will value catanoia, or thinking and feeling with the Wisdom of God. But you will not take of any Forbidden Fruit like Adam and Eve did for catanoia.

God created the world and what surrounds it in the universe in seven days. On the fifth day He created the first man Adam. He breathed spiritual Life into Adam after shaping him out of the earth.

This is how God will set the Seal upon you. He will shape the Seal out of the earth, because it is the place where a single wheat Seed is sown. That wheat Seed is Jesus Christ.

Jesus will be sown in your soul when God sets His Seal upon your forehead. When a wheat seed bears fruit, that fruit can be eaten or sown again to bear more fruit.

So when Jesus bears Fruit from your soul, you will have more seed to sow. You will have the message to sow again and you will also have some left over for people to eat. When that message bears fruit, and the people eat of it, it can also be sown again to grow believers.

Jesus will grow into the message and finally into believers in the message. And this is sown upon your forehead. God chose your forehead for a reason, because that is where you think your thoughts.

The devil tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. He asked why she could not eat of every fruit in the Garden. She explained God had prohibited her from eating the Forbidden Fruit and the punishment was death.

The devil lied to Eve and told her she would not die as a punishment for eating it. But he told her the truth about the beauty of the knowledge the Forbidden Fruit gave her.

When she ate of the Forbidden Fruit she did have that knowledge. She had the knowledge of the gods. Knowledge that was reserved for the gods and that people did not need to know of. Moral knowledge. Knowledge of good and evil.

You will have access to such moral perception when you are sealed. But you will not have to eat any Forbidden Fruit to do it. God will change your thoughts and change your feelings too.

These changes are catanoia. They are your perception altered by God. The devil is fighting to take hold of your thoughts too. So the Holy Spirit is active in changing your feelings along with your thoughts.

The devil can influence you with convincing thoughts. But those are rather cold thoughts, devoid of any emotion. When you are sealed the devil will not be able to influence the way you feel much.

So your feelings will accompany your thoughts and you will see things God's way in catanoia. God will share His Pleasure with you when He approves and He will cast you into a deep sleep and reveal it emotionally in you when He disapproves.

When you are sealed you will know God's Will for you directly by catanoia. You do not need to understand moral judgment of other people. What you need, and what God shares with you in catanoia, is to know God's Will for you.

When you are sealed you will think and feel what God shares with you of His own Will by catanoia. This is the most precious perception you can possibly have, and you will have it when you receive the Seal.

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