As I write this, it's a beautiful February morning in Nashville, Tennessee. And sometimes when the winds step up just a little bit, you can hear the dead leaves—the leaves that turned red and brown and golden, and now they all look dead. Many hang from the trees still…

And the winds are coming—we're coming into March, which is a time when traditionally we have a lot of wind. The purpose of the wind? It's all cyclical, part of this giant HoloCosm that works together, and it works together as one unity. There's purpose.

Right now let me just say that you and I both know that these high winds in the weeks coming up are going to remove all those dead leaves that just never fell from the trees. And then, the perfect time: spring will be here, it'll be sunnier, it'll be warmer, there'll be more birds singing, everything will be clean and ready, and we'll have new life.

Who is it that wrote the song, "To Everything There is a Season?" Did I say song, or was that psalm? How many thousands of years has humanity recognized the cyclical aspect of nature? I can't think of a single thing that violates it. Even chaos theory posits an order - in cycles.

And so when we're in a bad economy, it might be a really nice idea to take a walk on a Sunday morning and think these things over. And think this over—if we are in a down cycle now, it won't last. None of the seasons last. They come, and it's already announced they will leave. Destiny has a turnaround.

This had to come. This economic chaos had to come with the fraud and corruption, and the house of cards that our leaders—God bless them, I'm praying for them to get better—created for us. We took advantage, of course…not every individual, but as a society definitely, and we created the inevitable correction.

It's human nature. Humans have been doing that since humanity began, don't you know that? I mean, the currency of Rome went to zero, the currency of Germany went to zero—the currency of many, many, many, defeated nations went to zero. But every nation has brought on their own problems from time to time, some way or another.

Really, that doesn't matter either, whether we cause it or not. There's never been a time in recorded history when things didn't eventually turn around, change, improve. Change could be the operative word, because if you talk from the point of view of the victors, it's always good. If you talk from the point of view of the vanquished, it might not be so good—but it's change.

The seasons come, and you cannot stop the change. It's not about stopping the change—it's about stopping being resistant to it. It's about starting to be flexible with it. It's about starting to recognize that there's a purpose for these cold days, and these high winds. And jump in that, prepare for the spring, and celebrate.

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