Will I find fulfillment in my life? Will I ever be fulfilled? Should fulfillment be our ultimate goal? I
say no! If you were totally fulfilled, then there
would be no more challenges. The challenges are part
of life's fulfillment!

Consider your earthly life a classroom. With each
year of your life comes new lessons to master in order
to graduate to the next grade. Each lesson is a
challenge, some lessons are more easily grasped then
others. Maybe english class was a breeze, but in math class you just never caught on that easily. Life lessons are the same, some are more difficult then others.

If you are a student in the school of life, spirit
guides are your teachers. They are ever present waiting to
instruct and help. Accepting their help is up to
you. If you are a student who daydreams or refuses to
do their homework, you may get left behind! Life's
trial and tribulations are the same, all part of our spiritual education. Being open to your teacher's loving
guidance will help you grow from the challenges (or
lessons)life brings. We need to pass first grade
before we can move on to the second grade. Such is the
journey our soul takes in the quest for perfection and
eternal life.

You are a progressive spirit. Eternal life is an
endless path that keeps us constantly moving
forward. Only by learning to overturn the blocks and
batter our way through, are we able to reach new
spiritual heights. Naturally we experience anxieties
and worries when we hit a difficult lesson, but we
must not let it paralyze us. When in a learning phase,
turn to your spirit guides (your teachers) who wait so
patiently to offer assistance. Be open and aware of
their messages and they will guide you through.

We all come to earth with life lessons already in
place. It is our goal to find our way through the
obstacles. Roadblocks and bumps are all part of our
spiritual journey. So don't be discouraged by life's
challenges. Be encouraged. Meet each obstacle with the
knowledge that you will be stronger, more progressed
and closer to your spiritual goal when the lesson is
completed. Learning and growing from our challenges are
how we reap our rewards. Having trust in the universal
force that guides us all will give you strength. Never
defeat yourself because you feel your life is not
perfectly content. Remember you are a work in progress
and fulfillment is not the goal, but progression is.

Author's Bio: 

Sahvanna Arienta is a spiritual intuit and counselor. She is able to connect with spirit guides and deliver their messages of enlightenment to a clientele of thousands. A lifelong student in metaphysics and spirituality, she is able to bring clarity and direction to her clients by providing psychic counseling sessions. Please visit PsychicSahvanna.com
to arrange a session with her.