Change We Need: The campaign slogan for Obama/Biden for this years presidential election.

I wrote an article at my Freedom Blog about the above slogan as it pertains to the network marketing industry and as I completed that article it dawned on me that it also applies to the cosmetics industry.

We do need change, not only in making sure the cosmetics industry does not regulate itself any longer, but also that they make changes in what they put into the products that we all use on a daily basis and in all reality that we put into our bodies.

Xango, LLC based out of Lehi, Utah, has been a leader in the networking industry when it comes to change. Over six years ago that created a category and were first to market a nutritional beverage made with the whole fruit puree of the mangosteen fruit, found in Thailand. This November 2008 they are ready to make a huge change in the skin care industry with the launch of their new line, again made with the mangosteen fruit, called GLIMPSE Intuitive Skin Care TM.

Glimpse Intuitive Skin Care is green, clean, non-toxic skin care. When it comes to change, let’s show the cosmetics industry we will not be treated this way and make a personal change and begin using Glimpse Skin Care. It is just one of many steps needed to be taken to make huge change in the cosmetics industry. But the movement has already begun, we only need to continue it, and by switching to a new non-toxic product, that works with our own skin, and is good for us, we are moving in the right direction.

For further information on what is in your products visit: or visit and request a free report. A good book to pick up is Not Just a Pretty Face written by Stacy Malkan.

If you would like more information on Glimpse Intuitive Skincare, please contact me direct.

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Theresa Giambrone is a network marketing professional working with a billion dollar company. She is currently participating in a viral marketing experiment four years in the making and created by Nadira Haniff. Feel free to visit her website at for contact information.