Book review of Change Works with CLEAR, Clearing Limitations with Acupressure Release
By Julie Roberts, Ph.D.
Ready for distribution; printed 4/07 by Change Works
ISBN #: 978-0-9796033-0-3
Paper back; 150 pages
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Book Summary
Change Works with CLEAR, Clearing Limits with Acupressure Release helps people become the person they want to be. It describes a revolutionary new method for releasing trauma and creating change. Whether you are a victim of abuse, or just trying to create positive change in your life, CLEAR can help.
Change Works with CLEAR is a concise “how to” book describing an energy psychology technique created by Dr. Roberts. Energy psychologies are changing the face of psychology. They are powerful therapeutic methods that clear blocks to potential using acupressure points. When an individual stimulates acupressure points, chemicals are released in the brain relieving negative feelings and essentially rewiring the brain. CLEAR evolved from a number of therapeutic methods and integrates the best of these into a method that is simple, to the point, and actually works.
Whether you want to ease emotional pain, free yourself of depression or a lack of motivation, or relieve anxiety (including phobias, fear of flying, and test anxiety), this therapeutic technique can help. It frees the negative programming that leads to these states. Negative states limit our potential. CLEAR helps us improve our lives in many ways resulting in more contentment, less stress, improved physical and emotional health and the ability to change ineffective patterns. Whether you want to free up your potential, your creativity, or your intelligence, CLEAR can help.
CLEAR is for professionals and lay people. Anyone who wants to create change and is serious about changing can utilize this process. Change Works with CLEAR is for people who want to create change for themselves or facilitate the possibility of change with others. You can use CLEAR by yourself or with the help of a partner.

Book Reviews:

“Julie Roberts provides in her book practical tools and techniques for emotional healing. It is an invaluable resource for maintaining balance while going through challenging transitions. Not often do you find a method that truly works!”

Angeles Arrien, Ph.D.,
Author of The Second Half of Life and The Four-Fold Way;
Cultural Anthropologist

"I have been a witness to Julie's work and the healing power of energy therapy to those who have survived wars and all kinds of horrors. As a survivor of war myself, and through my experience of working with other victims for over a decade, I understand the eagerness of women who want to rebuild their lives rather then remain trapped in their trauma. Julie's book helps them address the past in a healthy and productive way so they can move forward with building the future."

Zainab Salbi,
Author, Between Two Worlds Escape from Tyranny: Growing up in the shadow of Saddam;
President, Women for Women International

“In the world of the unseen, Julie Roberts is a master. CLEAR is a powerful, innovative model that gives the reader a doable roadmap in mastering their lives. It is one thing to know what we want--but quite another to be able to remove what cripples our dreams. Dr. Roberts teaches us how to stand up for the very best of who we are.”

David Baum, Ph.D., D.Min.
Author, Lightning in a Bottle, Proven Lessons for Leading Change and The Randori Principles; The Path of Effortless Leadership;
Organizational Consultant

“CLEAR has done more in a few sessions for me than fifteen years of psychotherapy."

Joseph McElroy, PharmD, MHA, Medical Resources Director, AstraZeneca

Author's Bio: 

Julie Roberts, Ph.D. lives in rural Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. She consults with organizations and individuals to help them move into their full potential. She specializes in personal and professional change so individuals overcome obstacles to productivity. She utilizes energy therapies, muscle testing, family constellation work, and counseling to help individuals clear the blocks in their life. She teaches graduate courses, and conducts workshops that improve leadership skills. She teaches her energy psychology methodology, CLEAR in workshops and she sees private clients, guiding them through a healing change process. She may be reached, and the book may be purchased at: .